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Plastic surgeon opinions...depressed
I wasn't sure where to put this thread so I hope it's in the correct place. Maybe others have encountered this and felt the same inadequacy I currently feel. I've been reading some plastic surgery sites because i was considering that option but my personal pros and cons list for implants has more cons than pros. The pro is purely aesthetics whereas the cons are I actually don't want the kind of attention implants may give me (I have small ones but i have cleavage and I've had men make it obvious they weren't looking at my face in a conversation and I am NOT big as it is! Thus proving men will look at boobs regardless of size) I don't want to commit to expensive lifetime surgeries to maintain them, there are too many health risks associated with them, etc. I also like the option my natural breasts allow me: can wear anything and if I wear something that I want to add some boobage to, I can with the right bra. So I made peace with my decision not to do it. I don't feel unwomanly. I'm a woman with small breasts.

But according to plastic surgeons small breasts are deformed and unsightly and now I have a warped perception of breasts like the teenage boys who watch porn and think boobs are perfect round balls. The few sites I read had commentary on the Before and After and every breast size and shape was picked apart. Most of these boobs were normal looking to me, just small! It seems obvious enough to me that a slim small breasted girl is not going to have perfect round balls with breast tissue and fat evenly distributed in the upper and lower pole but according to plastic surgeons anything other than that is an inadequate boob. So now I am depressed because I know my boobs are on the smaller side (37 and a half inches) but I didn't think they were deformed. Theres roundness just not a whole lot of fullness hence NOT "big"

My boobs practically sit up on my collarbone with a push up bra and according to the websites I read, thats where they should always be.
Yes I know surgery will give me "perfect breasts" (or maybe I would still find fault with them because i have body dysmorphic disorder) but does that mean I should be ashamed of my natural ones Sad

Do plastic surgeons just say this stuff because it's how they earn their living? I thought the only deformed breasts were breasts that couldn't feed children. Hoping someone can give me some healthy perspective back, thanks for reading Smile
"Do plastic surgeons just say this stuff because it's how they earn their living?"
I think so. They need to use their medical skills for something important, instead.

Just don't worry about your body, everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. No, they're not deformed. You said so yourself, guys are attracted to them.
Thank you, helps a lot. Yes it's a shame that these well-meaning doctors can't cure disease.

My issue is not with women wanting implants for themselves if theyve done the soul searching and breasts are really the only thing holding them back in life (surgery won't cure body dysmorphic disorder for example. Dissatisfaction will either continue or switch to another less than "perfect" body part. Not enough surgeons screen people for this and just take people's money)

I found this excerpt that totally answers my question:

"In essence they want to leave the impression that asymmetrical breasts, small breasts, sagging breasts, large areolas, small nipples, etc. are deformities - something supposedly not formed well, out of form - or instances where the breast didn't "fully develop" or is "underdeveloped."

By classifying many of these normal variations in breast shape as breast deformity, the surgeons can then be ready to "correct" these "problems," "deformities." and "lack of development."

OMG!! yessss Sad of course they do. Everything is money in this world.. That is actually very horrible. There is nothing wrong with small breasts-- they want to make you feel like there is something wrong or you are inadequate so you will pay them, of course. That is, however, the sign of a horrible doctor-- if you ever consider implants, find a doctor that understands you are doing this for yourself and it is a serious surgery-- not something you just do because he or she claims there's something wrong with you.

take a look at this gallery-- these are normal breasts!


they come in all shapes and sizes-- that's the beauty of breasts. How boring would it be if a man took off our bras and every breast was the same, right? Smile
hi venus ..after reading the things you wrote, i was moved to write a little something. i’ve had some experience with doctors because of a friends illness. they all want to practice their skills. surgeons want to use the knife. breast surgeons want to do mastectomies, plastic surgeons want to do all manner of stupid things ..if it’s a breast reconstruction, they go on about how they can recreate a nipple then all you have to do is get yourself to a tattoo artist for an areola. if tests reveal a slightly higher count of red blood cells in your urine then omg, you’re off to the urologist for tests and scans only for them to then say, oh well, no kidney stones or such, everything’s ok. then your say, well, why did you doctors send me here for these expensive freakin tests …why did i have a higher rbc count. oh well, you know, it could’ve been a bump of bruise or something like that, it’s not uncommon, your urine ends up with a higher rbc count for a little bit and then it clears. and then you scream inside your head ..FUCk!!!!!

i’ve seen things that would make you hate them even though that’s not a healthy attitude. a friend went through all of that ..a mastectomy and a reconstruction called a tram flap. along the way she was treated by some real uncaring cretins with medical degrees and i have such a disdain for them. they all just wanted to perform their skills. btw, tram flaps should be against the law. i could do an entire and very long post about oncologists. fuckers.

anyway, sorry to go on like that. i’m reading several articles now that i’ve found so, so fascinating and i’m trying to sort all their content in my head to get them to coalesce so i can say something that makes sense ..right now i can’t but really, i think when you isolate something about yourself, it’s a lot easier to be critical and judge this body part against a perceived standard and really, you’re already in a hole for doing that because in the first place, you’re a entire human being, mind, spirit, body ..when you look at the whole you see there is so much beauty there. a woman is not her breasts, or her lips or her hair or her hips or the purple pleated skirt hanging in her closet. she’s a work of art and beauty from head to toe and when she moves, her whole body moves, when she speaks, her whole mind and spirit speak.

before any of those professionals with dubious motives get their hands on you, be sure you’ve first taken a holistic approach to enhancing your breasts ..exercise, massage to increase good circulation and bring nutrients to the local tissue and to carry off cellular waste, diet ..proteins and fats ..enough to build tissue, not just maintain homeostasis and all the other good stuff these girls here talk about. sorry to be so wordy. wait a minute, i’m not sorry ..i can be a bit wordy, sometimes ..that’s just who i am ..a work of art and beauty.

p.s. not to disparage doctors, there are some good ones.
Wonderful post missboobshirt, I appreciate your thoughts Smile yes it is certainly about money... Maybe I was harsh, I know some have patients well being in mind but I just get upset/mad when they don't differentiate between legitimate deformities and "normal breast shape that don't look like surgically altered man made cantaloupes." There's a difference between wanting bigger breasts and feeling convinced you're not just small, you're abnormal. It makes me mad when surgeons imply it's all just "correction"
Feeling like you have a deformity and won't show your boobs to anyone ruins lives.
Plenty of small breasted women take their shirts off and have confidence so it bothers me that surgeons act like it's all the same.

Loved reading your post solome, very insightful and true. Thanks for sharing. I love what you said about a woman being whole- absolutely amazing inspiring words, if you're not a writer, you should be Smile
It sounds like you already have beautiful boobs. Even when I wear a push up bra mine are not high up near my collarbone. Yours must be really perky.. I'm jealous. I feel the same way when I watch plastic surgery shows on TV. That's just the way they make their money though. Also it's not just teenage boys that watch porn. Almost ALL men do it.. regardless of age. And I feel like teenage boys are happy with any boobs they see/experience but the older men get and the more they look at porn they become picky and expect that perfect round shape/unrealistic look because that's what they're used to seeing. I sometimes wish I was a lesbain lol men frustrate me. There are some good ones out there though.. Who don't buy into all that crap
I have a 25 year old single brother who covered his bedroom walls with breasts and was surprised when I actually went in there and really looked at it, he has breasts of all sizes. I think there are lots of men who just like boobs. Like I said, mine aren't big but men still look. I found teenage boys the most harsh, like in highschool. And the older boob men ive known are just low life's in every way: crude, crappy jobs, still stuck in a teenagehood. It made me glad I don't have the big tits they like to slap around.

I think women can be just as bad... A guy looks at what girls have got and women will point out what she hasn't got. I used to read celebrity news blogs and had to stop because women made the nastiest comments. I have often found its the voluptuous woman who will put a thinner small breasted girl down, saying "why would a man want a woman who looks like a 12 year old boy?" when the women have curvy butts and legs and are fit young women in shape. They just dont have big boobs and THAT alone makes them a 12 year old boy. Plenty of guys find Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton, Dakota Johnson, Doutzen Kroes, Leslie Mann, Emma Stone, etc very sexy.

My uncle is in his forties and frequented strip clubs and said "seen one set of implants, you've seen them all. It's boring" So have faith: there are still decent guys out there. I admire amazing male bodies in the media but I don't expect all guys to look like that, lol. Theres nothing wrong with fantasy, the problems start when people dont have the intelligence to separate it from reality.

And hey if a guy wants big round ones theres plenty man made ones out there, go get them and leave me alone. Simple Smile
I can give you some qualified advice here. In addition to being a androgynous I am genetically male and oriented toward women. First of all, the plastic surgeons are unquestionably trying to put one over on you. A boob surgeon can earn millions a year putting plastic in women's chests. It's in their best interest for you to feel as inadequate as possible until you put a pile of cash in their pockets. They may be doctors, but they're in business just like those that sell soft drinks and shiny new cars.

Over the years I've seen thousands of women's breasts both with and without implants-- both in pictures and the real world (hey, I get around). To me implanted breasts look like nothing but what they are. In clothes and a bra they may look about normal, but bare chested most women with implants look exactly like they've got plastic bags in their chests. While women with natural breasts have a marvelous variety of sizes and shapes. Women with implants pretty much never look like anything but Barbie dolls to me, while women with natural breasts always look human and infinitely more sexy.

Don't fall for the implant baloney, girl. You're real and you're spec-tacular! (Excuse the Seinfeld quote)
I hate how cosmetic surgeons or those in the industry try to guilt or act like its ridiculous to inform about a science that is nutritional and isn't invasive.


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