Vixy's long-term breast enlargement program :3

Very nice Vixy!
You've done a great job and are quite an inspiration.
Just for my curiosity, what's the feedback from friends and family on your new figure? Its certainly a lot different than your first pics.

Wow they're perfect the way they are right now. Your starting size is the same as mine & your progress gives me hope that I will get to where you are right now. I've been noogling for three days. i have a few questions for you:

How often did you noogle when you first started? Do you still massage your breasts.. if so with what if you use creams of any kind?

What kind of foods do you eat? Do you take any supplements

Hi !Big Grin I don't have access to internet very often currently.
Thank you for everything !

So Happyme,
The feedbacks : my Sisters noticed they grew a little, my Mother and my boyfriend say they quite big and my bf says I don't need to go further. XD but he was saying pretty the same when I was an AAA. He's lovely.

- I noogle about 5-6 times a week.
- I didn't massage them for nearly 2 months but I plan to do it again after my competitions
- You can use any oil in my opinion. I used coconut oil but i'm gonna give a try to flaxseed oil because of her properties and omega3 to make them fuller.
- the only supplement I use is B12 shots (hydroxocobalamin). As Earth is deficient in B12 because of disrespect of nature from humans (destroying forests, xhemicals, etc.)
- I am vegan, high carb low fat vegan. 80% of carbs minimum per day 2500cals to 3000 (checked on, 2,5L to 3L of water per day, going to bed 9:00pm to 10:00pm as a maximum, and regular exercice but moderate.

Thanks Vixy, Sounds like your sisters are a wee bit jealous!
You've grown a lot more than a 'little bit'.

Hi Smile I finally reached a baby C cup.

Here are the results.

I aim for something close to the drawing pics. It looks like a D/E to me. The same for the waist.
I used organic Flax seed oil for the first time and it does make them fuller. Good stuff.
So it took me a total of 5 months to grow 2-3 cups (AAA to C) with the techniques I used. Mainly massage & noogling.
If the growth keeps the same rate, I would say it will take about 5 more months to go up to an E cup, which is my final goal.

I am really thirsty of big curves because my waist is not small and is straight at the moment. The only way I can slim it down is patience, exercise and early sleep long term.

I feel like I will finally reach my desired boobs and waist. Very hopeful.

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Your progress is wild! Congratulations!

Great Vixy! Very inspirational, I hope to see growth like that too!

Hello Vixy:

Thank you so much for your previous response and for answering all my questions!!! I am sorry I only got a chance to respond just now bc I have had serious troubles with my job.Sad

I want to congratulate you on your progress, it's AMAZING!!

Btw, I am not French but I do speak french pretty fluently. I live in New York, USA. I am 33 years old so I started my NBE journey pretty late. I think your young age plays huge role in your success. I still have hope for myself though and I just wish I can experience such growth and feel so much more feminine like you. Very sadly, I have been experiencing issues in my dating life since my confidence in my body has been so low.Sad

I am very happy for your success!!!

I read your thread and I would like to confirm. So do you think it's NB that has been helping you the most in your growth? I ordered it but I have not used it yet bc I feel quite uncomfortable since some call it a torture deviceWink But I want to be positive about it and I am preparing myself to start using it soon.

I also want to confirm if you are taking any herbs and supplements? Do you take flax seeds? or any other foods that you think might be helping?

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been mostly raw vegan for 2 years now but my breasts didn't grow just bc of it. I would love to talk to you more about what foods you eat mainly, especially in the winter. I try to eat 2500 kal/per day but usually only get about 2000 which is low I know. I need to gain weight and grow my boobs and i would love some help!! Any advice would be great! Thank you so much!!

Sorry for such long post, but also about massage, I have tried deer massage for a few days and found it challenging to stick to it and not sure if it was helping. What is your experience with it?

What is your program like now? Do you think I could pm or email you bc I would love to talk more about your diet. Please let me know if you can.

Thank you so much!! Wish you the best in your journey to big and healthy breasts!!

oops I am sorry the size of the font i used to large i didn't know...

Wow congratulations girl. What a gorgeous pair!! :-)

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