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Full Version: Vixy's long-term breast enlargement program :3
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Hi everyone ! I'm new here.

I posted a message a few months ago to say I came to barely no breasts to a 38A in 2 months, thanks to proper nutrition. But I have to admit, i gained 10 pounds in the process, since I was a bit anorexic.

However, I only got my first boobs (38A) at age 21. First time of my life, small but real boobs. This is quite late when you know some girls have already a C cup at age 13.

Hormones just play a so important role in breast growth. I had a growth hormone deficiency for most of my life. Go to bed late (from childhood, and11pm-12pm even from age 11) and inappropriate diet are the main result of this issue in my story.

Today I'm planning to grow my breasts, for appearance, the feeling of being a woman, and show that dedication and true health are keys to have success in every aspect of life.

So I'm starting a long-term breast enlargement program !
This is a 1 week update. I gained 0,5 inch of breast cup from only :
-massaging my breasts inwards for 30 minutes a day
-fat brushing 10 minutes a day (Chiyomilk method)
So, i am now at a pretty full 38A. ‹3
I aim for a small 38C. I would be fully satisfied with no more than a C cup, because I am small (in height) and I've already pretty round face, butt, so I think it would be enough curves. Smile

I'm planning to keep doing this method if I got some results within 3-6 months. I also thought about applying liquid fenugreek, but I have to find one extract yet.

Best luck to all ! Wink
Congratulations Vixy,
Both on your breast growth and your new health plan.
I'm a big massage fan, and I'm doing almost your plan. I only do about 10-15 minutes of inward rotations, but I do 360 of the Chi.
I just started using herbs with my massage and I can tell you the odor is pretty strong. I tried flaxseed first and that was BAD, fenugreek oil is not as bad but sticks with you all day and beyond, Seem to still be there after a shower.
I like Wise women Essentials "Wild yam Progesterone" from You can also get the fenugreek oil there as well.
Happy growing
[attachment=10866][attachment=10867]Hi Happyme,

Thank you for your support.

I am hopeful for this journey. Big Grin Even if I have tiny breasts for now, I love their shape and their cuteness.

Massage feels really good.

Thanks for the information, I will try fenugreek though.

I just ordered pueraria mirifica extract and fenugreek extract for applying directly onto the breasts daily.
I don't want to eat anything which is related to breast enhancement because I had huge liver problems when I ate medicinal plants 1 year ago, and I'd like to try it this way. I want my skin to absorb it, without disturbing too much my organs.

Anyway, I'm going to use pueraria mirifica cream (homemade pueraria liquid extract mixed with coconut oil) the first 15 days of my cycle.
Then, fenugreek cream (homemade) the last 15 days, as I saw that Chiyomilk used pueraria orally (phase 1) and Super B up drops which contains fenugreek, saw palmetto, red clover orally (phase 2).

In addition to these herbs, I use the fat brushing massage, and I'm going to up to 20minutes per day, along with a 20-30minutes inward massage.

Naturally, I'm planning to go to bed early as often as possible (8-9pm) and moderate exercise regularly, for maximum growth hormone production (HGH). Since I am 22, I can easily benefit from HGH to grow my breasts (high when young).

I have also a second goal, apart from a boobs enhancement, which is waist slimming. Although I don't want to wear corset training, for health reasons xD. So it will take time, but I do want to slowly lose (and i want it to be healthy) around 10cm of waist. This is approximately 25 inches. I have some bellyfat due to old bulimias and anorexia, so it takes time to heal.

I posted some pictures of myself now to see the evolution ! Big Grin
Hi Vixy,
Thanks for posting your pics! Its always good to document the start point.
I think you have a great figure and your plan sounds well thought out as well.
PM is very powerful stuff even when just massaged into the breasts. You should see some growth pretty quickly.
Massaging the herbs in I believe now is the better way to go. I had mentioned I was on a lot of the Bo, FG and PM pills before I stopped in Sept. I gained some weight and its very hard to get rid of it now. This morning i was walking by my full length mirror and turned sideways to check my top and discovered I now have a Butt!
That's not what I was hoping for but at least I know where the weight is.
Keep posting.
Hi Happy me, thanks you.

Did you gained weight from NBE herbs ?

I am glad to hear this about massaging and herbs.

I myself gained some fat especially around the belly last year. Sad This is due to making terrible diet mistakes (around 40-50% fat in the diet), and I was very very ill from b12 deficiency and anorexia (lack of carb calories). Now I have to be patient for the weight to drop. Slowly but efficiently. That's why my other goal is to achieve a small waist, since it gives a sexy shape to the overall body, and makes breasts look definitely bigger.
Hi Vixy,
Yes the NBE herbs are notorious for adding fat to the body. When you just swallow them the fat goes where it wants. There are lots of threads here that will attest to that fact.
So I am using the fenugreek as a massage on my breasts to focus its job where I want it.
I'm doing the fat brushing to convince the fat in my mid section to move up. :-). and like you said a smaller waist does accentuate the breasts.

Happy Me, sounds like your flaxseed oil went rancid. It must be refrigerated after opening.
(12-12-2015, 01:16 AM)James98 Wrote: [ -> ]Happy Me, sounds like your flaxseed oil went rancid. It must be refrigerated after opening.

I hope not, I used it right after I got it from Swanons, and popped it in the fridge after that.
It has quite the 'aroma'
Ok, I am quite sceptikcal about herbs. I am not sure it is healthy since you say it adds fat to the body. Seems very weird to me. :/
The main ingredient in your boobs an butt are fat deposits.
Sad fact but you need it to get what your looking for. Its your job to direct the fat where it needs to go, and not fill your life style with too much other fatty foods.
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