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NBE works my year results 30DD-30GG
thanx (= I'll check out that site !
I think it had a BIG effect on growth buuuut I did feel growth , like tichyness soreness when on my FULL her routine, I think it is both if you see my first growth page I grew first from herbs then noogling
Even if you noogle 15mins a day 4 times a keep it still will add to your program a little progress is still progress (;
good luck !!! <3
(15-07-2015, 02:21 AM)anyover88 Wrote:
(01-07-2015, 06:02 PM)lovely11 Wrote: I was suggesting using peony currently, which I think an aromatase was missing. Hops is a potent prolactin. It'd be helpful to drop or finish PM. PM isn't healthy, and it appears to raise mood issues that are associated with androgens.

I think if you don't have excessive hair, and aren't having problems, then that's one indication that your hormones may be balanced.

sorry to go off on this thread, but lovely, do you think that androgens are the #1 thing that can slow down growth?

I'm using mainly topical herbs including a PM cream and they seem to be doing something good for the most part, but I'm beginning to wonder if I might have too high androgens. I thought using estrogenic herbs could counteract the effects of androgens? maybe not?

Some androgens are necessary for breast growth, but too much hinders breast growth. Converting androgens into estrogens (through aromatase) is the best way to make use of them.

Quote:i've considered getting a white peony extract and some tea tree and lavender for topical use to counteract androgens.
This is the idea for aromatase.

NBE needs aromatase, prolactin, and progestogen to be effective according to Rocketmelon's program. So the aromatase you brought up, then hops, fenugreek and milk thistle would make up everything. Eat a lot of dietary fiber, and other healthy foods too.
hey rocketmelon I can't send you PM's cuz your inbox is full!
Hey rocketmelon, wanted to ask you which technique are you using, pump and release or pump and hold? Do you take days off? How were you able to get both domes on when you're so tiny! My underbust measurements is bigger than yours and so far I can only have one cup on at a time otherwise they don't fit and I lose suction straight away.
Check out the ebook , the author of it has helped me a lot!!
OMG. This thread is so inspiring. Rocketmelon, I'm the same size as you were in your before pic. I can't believe how much you grew in the span of a year. You are amazing!

I'm soo jelly, lol. I think I'm finally going to bite the bullet and commit to this. Even if it takes a while Smile

Thank you so much for sharing!
Here's her page, with improvements to her herb schedule for consistency:

Here's the latest guide:
(27-02-2021, 01:08 PM)Dynseli Wrote: Here's her page, with improvements to her herb schedule for consistency:

Here's the latest guide:

I want to confirm that there are weight fluctuations at play but the ratio of my breast to waist has changed since using the noogberry and nbe , my breasts have permanently expanded so when I loose or gain weight they are always a larger percent of my body fat than everywhere else where when I gained or lost weight my body stored less weight there where as now breasts are always big if the rest of me is big they are bigger if the rest of me is smaller they are smaller but still big compared to the rest of me.

Just want people to know that (= you can see the breast growth without much weight change on this program I was consistently  a skinny but busty 30DD-30GG.
I also want to apologise for the people I never responded to too I was away if I dont reply I am not ignoring you. I might come back on here after I loose a bit of weight   Dodgy Im a bit self-conscious I can confirm though NBE works so does noogling you gotta stick with it and find a program that works for you , the right herbs  using a breast pump but please try to enjoy your breasts both before and after make the journey fun and sexy but don't put down your yourself because of you " breasts  before "  a  meaningful existence and what makes you beautiful isnt skin deep  even sexiness is subjective it comes in all shapes and sizes for different people, so have fun growing your breasts but keep the self-love up for the whole journey (= So hopefully I,ll pop in again  all the information is available without me I have all my herbs and breast pump dairy on here.

Hey, rocketmelon!

Your growth is awesome! But what made you do it? You were already a DD on a small frame. Also, do people treat you differently now, as opposed to before?

Lastly, are you still going at it? An update would be nice to read when you have the time. Besides, the old photos are inaccessible, just FYI.



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