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Full Version: NBE works my year results 30DD-30GG
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first picture is when I'm at 42 (= at 44 I took after
I was 42 at I think 8 months ...I think..hmm maybe I recore if somewhere on my profile (=

44/24/44 (23 when training waist I'm trying to get into that more I will be getting a proper waist training corset in the future so I'll keep you updated if I get real tiny)

I did a lot of noogling on my journey and went from large to ex large to the largest cups Ex EX large after filling ex large
I no longer noogle I would if my bra got loose but it hasn't so.
And I learned to only do 4 hour + with padding! I almost got a pressure sore it healed though so didn't get to any nasty stages healed while I wore the noogle padding ..yes the padding is 15£ and you need to replace it I found every 3 months but if you hardcore noogle you ned protection!

My herbal program was the same as I mentioned before
YOU DO NOT have to take as much herbs as me I samed to pick up by looking at nbe products and watching other growers you only need a couple of main herbs go like this (tweak to you I can't state fact as im only basing on my own body)

FG , blessed thistle , saw pat, fennel seeds, power or supplement
all through your cycle when you hit your time of the month you move onto this
PM, goat rue , maybe maca or fg if your oestrogen dominant and want to keep it in check

In my experience it started off taking after my peird then I got mood swings I asumed it was the estrogen I was rong after trying to take estro through the start to end of my period and a little after I felt better, this was simply after months of nbe my cycle had changed ..listen do your body.

You can do without nbe if you want
you can go completely cruity free and be vegan sadly I took placenta through my plan only some of it is more of a boost , you can us msm or collagen instead...check my detailed herb plan ...btw later on I got lazy and kept to the main herbs a day !

DO I still take herbs if so way?
I do but not as a required maintenance a lest not yet my boobs seem too big to worry! I take a little bit of pm on my period and bit after then nothing when I'm pms time I take my herbs every other - every three days.I do this because I hate mood swings and using hers to keep me check really works wonders! At lest for me

Oh yes I also use to use progesterone cream ohhh and I took a few T herbs its in my old program I took this just to keep a healthy balance
taking T herbs with mints or peony root means T is converted to E

Even though I took T I have not had lip hair growth in months and months I use to get this , I still get underarm hair and light leg hair (im fair) but jut the same...I though since my program got no spots or face hair or anything (you may be different depends on your body)

I have to thank everyone for inspiration !! Busty Brides breasts where my source of "I wantness" and gee too many other people

By far Lovely 11 and Lotus did the most educating and research and they give to both genders and really are a credit to the form !! holy jebbuszz!!

I have trouble finding bras with small band sizes I'm wearing a tight 34 F which spills if its not untightend xD my 32 F could not be worn nomatter how I changed it's band hooks it give me double tit spillage !! haha

My ass yes check out my old heb plan the link will be at the end
I am 39 inches
I did a little corset training while I ate more to get my 34 but to 39
with the program however my breasts gre too 44inches
I'm naturally a hourglass my butt and boobs usually measure the same

Here is my old program

NOt able to product pictures will make a link

Any suggestions?
Use "New Attachemnent" below text section.
OKIE here is 2 pics

buuuuttt if you want to see my ass growth give me a web site I can upload pics an link them to here C==
(30-06-2015, 11:45 PM)James98 Wrote: [ -> ]Use "New Attachemnent" below text section.

thanx I tried =c
then I made them smaller then it said I needed to delete other attachments
but wouldn't that mean all my other threads pics would vanish ?
Hi Rocketmelon,
I think what is called estrogen dominance is actually androgen dominance, and a lot of LH or FSH. Estrogens are usually high during this time, when androgens are higher than normal. Androgens are associated with mood problems.

A phyto-prolactin, phytoestrogen, and phytoprogestin all together are better during the luteal phase, and during menstruation, allowing a break for the cycle to continue normally.

Fennel and Fenugreek can be obtained cheaply from the spice section of a grocery store. The program would be more efficient with an aromatase like topical lavender or topical tea tree. These are primarily estrogen properties that are lacking in the program. Peony is an aromatase that was partially used, but I think it was the high amounts of androgens that were the problem. A lavender plant can be bought from a garden store. Hops is an efficient prolactin.

Saw Palmetto actually is anti-estrogen, so it might not be helpful.

Mood problems are also from different types of progestogens forming into mineralcoiterroids, and gluccoriods inefficiently. Some progestogens are associated with less mood symptoms and others are associated with higher mood symptoms. alpha-reductase (which forms a type of neural dihydroprogesterone) is associated with less mood symptoms. Vitamins, lminerals, low salt intake, and adaptogens should help with mood symptoms during late luteal.

Flaxseed can lower various androgen levels, but too much might be counterproductive to NBE. I think NBE can be done botanically, without animal extracts. A combination of paleo or vegetarian diets can be used. FYI, some MSMs may be made from crab shells.

You've made a lot of progress in your pictures.
Holy shit, I think you just broke the Internet, Tongue well........maybe just the noogleberry. Wink

Fantastic growth. Big Grin

(01-07-2015, 12:50 AM)lovely11 Wrote: [ -> ]Mood problems are also from different types of progestogens forming into mineralcoiterroids, and gluccoriods inefficiently.

Lovely, do you mean Glucocorticoids and Mineralocorticoids?, or something else?.

The glucocorticoid receptor: Pivot of depression and of antidepressant treatment?
There is strong evidence for the notion that antidepressants exert these effects by modulating the GR. Such modulations, however, can be manifold and range from regulation of receptor expression to post-translational modifications, which may result in differences in GR nuclear translocation and GR-dependent gene transcription. The idea that the therapeutic action of antidepressants is mediated, at least in part, by restoring GR function, is consistent with studies showing that decreased GR function contributes to HPA axis hyperactivity and to the development of depressive symptoms. Conversely, excessive glucocorticoid signalling, which requires an active GR, is associated with functional impairments in the depressed brain, especially in the hippocampus, where it results in reduced neurogenesis and impaired neuroplasticity.
OMG that is a crazy amount of growth! Do you think noogling helped? ive gained 6 inches in a year and a half, Im a bit bigger than your before picture and your after picture is what im dying to achieve!!
This is very inspirational, I was starting to get depressed and accept that I wont have big boobs but your amazing growth just motivated me so much!!! ugh wish i could get a noogleberry aswell, no way they would send it to my country and I dont have anywhere to hide it
She's amazing heh. What an inspiration!
That's freaking amazing. I hope to reach my goal within a year as well. Totally inspiring.
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