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NBE works my year results 30DD-30GG

(09-06-2021, 05:56 PM)rocketmelon Wrote: I also want to apologise for the people I never responded to too I was away if I dont reply I am not ignoring you. I might come back on here after I loose a bit of weight   Dodgy" alt="Dodgy" title="Dodgy"> Im a bit self-conscious I can confirm though NBE works so does noogling you gotta stick with it and find a program that works for you , the right herbs  using a breast pump but please try to enjoy your breasts both before and after make the journey fun and sexy but don't put down your yourself because of you " breasts  before "  a  meaningful existence and what makes you beautiful isnt skin deep  even sexiness is subjective it comes in all shapes and sizes for different people, so have fun growing your breasts but keep the self-love up for the whole journey (= So hopefully I,ll pop in again  all the information is available without me I have all my herbs and breast pump dairy on here.

THIS! <3 thanks, Rocket!!



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