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The Comprehensive NBE Program
Besides soaking overnight, also try starting with a bit less until you get used to eating them too.  It can be a lot of fiber, denseness and so on for the first time.  It may take a few weeks.
(17-03-2017, 06:59 AM)surferjoe2007 Wrote: Besides soaking overnight, also try starting with a bit less until you get used to eating them too.  It can be a lot of fiber, denseness and so on for the first time.  It may take a few weeks.

Thank you Surferjoe. I'm doing that. It seems all the other anti-DHT, anti-androgens don't get along with me. They lower blood pressure and whatnot so I'm really (and only) counting on pumpkin seeds!
New Breast and/or Butt Salve Recipe (replaces and improves previous cream/salve recipes in this thread)
The first recipe below is better than the previous cream/salve recipes in this thread.  It is completely non-hormonal.  If you want hormonal herbs, use them separately.  I believe it should works in 4 ways:
1) Mild irritation causing about 6 hours of temporary swelling.  Glycolic acid acid may be increased if more is needed/desired, but I kept it a little low to be safe.  If it's too irritating, reduce the glycolic acid.
2) Provide fat and keep it there with vitamin E.  This salve includes the cocoa butter/vitamin E method shown to cause cocoa butter fat to be absorbed into the breasts and keep it there with vitamin E.  I use a mixed tocopherol vitamin E in the recipe as too much alpha tocopherol alone can remove the benefits of vitamin E.
3) Provide essential fatty acids required to build fatty tissue.  Each of these fats are popular in NBE topicals with a history of success.  The difference is this recipe provides all the different essential fatty acids and saturated fat, rather than just 1 or 2.
4) Improved skin: Soften, smooth and plump skin.  Reduce stretch marks.  Via glycolic acid and squalane.  The fats are also superb moisturizers.

Notice how none of these methods rely on hormones, nor any other resources nor much activity from the person's body.  It all comes from outside.  That means this should work well for just about anyone.  And in fact much of this recipe was taken from the most consistently popular existing topical products.  Rather than those with mixed reviews that worked for some but not others.  OTOH most reviewers of these products pointed out that it is just swelling and plumpness lasting about 6 hours, and the actual growth is slow and takes far longer.

I've also removed the connective tissue portions from the previous recipes since they are not well absorbed topically.  Try to get them from oral sources instead: 1/2 cup chicken feet broth > collagen powder scoop > 3,000 mg MSM.  Collagen pills are too small.  And I removed almost all the water because it didn't contribute anything.  And even without the water it's already hard enough to absorb enough of the fats without multiple applications.

Salve Recipe:
  • 8 tsp. 70% Glycolic Acid Solution
  • 3/4 cup squalane
  • 1 tsp grapefruit seed extract.  Important preservative because water (in glycolic acid) + oil = mold.
  • 1 tsp Cetearyl Glucoside or Emulsifying wax.  Emulsifies water (in glycolic acid) in oil.
  • 280g (10 oz) cocoa butter
  • 1.5 cups vegan omega 3 oil.  Should include ALA from flax oil, EPA, DHA and DPA.  Such as Spectrum Essentials Vegan Ultra Omega-3 Flax Oil Epa + Dha.  Unlike fish oil it doesn't smell bad, except maybe the faint lemon scent.
  • 4 tsp Bulk Vitamin E mixed tocopherols.  Mixed not alpha tocopherol only (which can destroy vitamin E's benefits in excessive amounts).  Such as Wild Herb Soap Co Bulk Vitamin E Tocopherols Organic.  
  • 1-2 tsp (5-10 mL) essential oils for a nice scent and to mask the weird lemon scent on the vegan omega 3s.  You may include NBE essential oils such as spearmint, lavender and/or tea tree oil.  But note that this amount is only enough for a good scent.  While somehwat helpful it is a small amount for NBE.
  • Jars
1.  Add cocoa butter and cetearyl glucoside or emulsifying wax to a pan over low heat.
2.  Add remaining ingredients
3.  Stir until fully melted and mixed.
4.  Pour into jars while still liquid.

Cools into a soft solid salve that melts easily upon skin contact.  Apply no more at one time than you can easily soak into your skin.  1/2-1 tsp at a time perhaps.  While the salve may mostly soak in right away, it may take up to 6 hours for it to be totally gone so that your skin can absorb more.
Salve Recipes changes/fixes
I took another look at that vegan omega 3 and it's mostly flax oil with almost no EPA and DHA.  I found some stronger ones with more EPA+DHA but they have a bad fishy odor just like the real fish oils.  So back to the drawing board there.  Still, pure flax oil is pretty good and you can replace the vegan omega 3 blend with flax oil.  Or since that's a lot of just flax oil without the EPA & DHA, you could change to 420g cocoa butter, 6 tsp bulk vitamin E mixed tocopherols and only 3/4 cup flax oil.  Since that vegan omega 3 oil was 90-95% flax oil I'm sure 100% flax oil will come out just as nice as my test batch.  If you replace part of it with cocoa butter then expect the salve to be harder. But it can't be harder than 100% cocoa butter and it is possible to use all cocoa butter so it should still be fine.
I have to give Surferjoe credit for getting right about progesterone and estrogen.
Can I use Safed Musli as saponin source?
(26-04-2017, 10:43 PM)Amaterasu Wrote: Can I use Safed Musli as saponin source?

I don't know anything about that so I can't say for sure.  I know you can use fenugreek, shatavari, wild yam or goat's rue.
Everything I have read so far in your post made a lot of sense and I am really looking forward to your valuable guidance.

Hi Surfer Joe - i was hoping you could please take a glance over my regime which i have pinched from your post and tell me what you think. 

MY REGIME SO FAR - using for one month
Shower – massage, PM cream & volufiline (throughout whole cycle)
Peppermint tea x1-2 daily
Breakfast (first 15days)
Estrogen - Pueraria mirifica 350mg x2 daily first 15days
PM absorption – Brand – NOW Coral calcium plus (400IU vit D, Calcium 500mg, magnesium 250mg)
Brand – purafem 350mg per cap
Mid morning
Daily Smoothie –
Tablespoon coconut oil
1-2 cups coconut milk
1-2 tablespoons hemp protein
1 tablespoon flaxseed meal
1 teaspoon L glutamine
1 teaspoon LArginine
Fruit 1 piece (banana/apple/mixed)
Supplements (mid morn/lunch)
Shatavari - increase response to existing hormones 250mg each x 5daily
Brand – Paradise (organic shatavari root extract (40% saponins) 250mg)
Progesterone cream - 1/8 tsp once daily first 15days then increase to ¼ teaspoon 2nd half cycle
Brand – source naturals ‘natural progesterone cream’ (natural progesterone from soy 22mg per ¼ teaspoon)
Lower testosterone – Saw palmetto extract 1x daily 320mg
Brand – Jarrows Formulas ‘saw palmetto’ 320mg SP berry extract 85-95% fatty acids & sterols and pytosterols 40mg beta-sitosterol
Evening primrose – balance out hormones 500mg 1x daily
Brand – Deva 500mg
Magnesium – mainly help with bowels 325mg x 1-2 daily
Brand – Cenovis
Afternoon - Nutritional mix - Equal parts – spirulina, brewers yeast and rice bran (1/4 cup 1x daily)
Night – noogle using flaxseed oil 45-1hr, PM serum & volufiline
Bedtime (first 15days)
Estrogen - Pueraria mirifica 350mg x2 daily first 15days
PM absorption – Brand – NOW Coral calcium plus (400IU vit D, Calcium 500mg, magnesium 250mg)
Brand – purafem 350mg per cap
I’ve read through all your posts and seen that you’ve recommended under-developed people to add some more products to regime and was wondering if you could help me out.  Over all my diet is pretty good – no dairy, no meat, wholegrain, fruit & vege and carbs.  So far this month i have had a lot of achy growing pains in my breast constantly through out day so i have definitely woke them up now i just need some help to see if i have missed anything!

I intend to include your ‘’Seed mix (pumpkin, almond, sunflower & fenugreek)’’ to regime.

Questions –
Fish oil (am non meat eater so is this necessary? I know its to balance out bad omegas and I do eat a lot of plant fat do you know alternatives to fish oil?
Turmeric 500mg or more – what is this for?
And confused about MSM.  I have some but I read that your nutritional mix includes enough MSM however I only take once daily so do I take a teaspoon of MSM or increase nutritional mix to twice daily?? Which is better option?
And when or do you recommend Detoxing?
-      I drink dandelion tea & have milk thistle but when in the cycle do I do this and do you think necessary?

Any other suggestions would be great!
I'm not sure how peppermint compares to spearmint, if it's the same or not.

That's a lot of PM.  You may want to try 350 mg x 1 daily first and see how that goes before doing 2.  You may have to play with PM and PC and see how much of each is best for you.

That's too much calcium.  650 mg a day is ideal, including what you get from diet.  More than that is worse.  1,000-2,000 i.u. vitamin D is best, and a litte more vitamin D than that doesn't hurt (though it might not help more either).  That's a lot of magnesium, I don't think you need so much.  There is plenty of every vitamin and mineral in the nutritional mix btw; you don't need to take any more.  Except vitamin D, you do need to take that still.  1/4 cup is good to start but ideally you increase to 3/4 cup.  Unless you meant 1/4 cup of each.  Then that's fine but you may want less to start in case you get an upset stomach.  It's also better if divided into 2 parts instead of all at once.  For example half morning and half evening.  Ideally you would do this and not take any more calcium, magnesium, nor MSM.

Everyone gets plenty of protein already and more is just a waste.  That much aminos at once might give you an upset stomach and/or diarrhea.  You may want to spread it out into 3-4 parts.  I think glutamine is more for muscle than other tissue, and there is already plenty in the protein you eat.  Not sure what glutamine is here for.

Shatavari - looks good.  You may want to see if you want less or more, or perhaps start low and increase later.  Whatever you can handle.

Other than that looks good.

Fish oil: You could reduce your plant fat or limit it to flax (good), chia (good), walnut (ok in limited amounts) and coconut (neutral).  Same for the oils of those.  There are algae based EPA & DHA supplements you can look for.  Make sure you check the label and get 1,500 mg total EPA+DHA though; a lot of them have hardly anything.
Turmeric: That's the antioxidant source for the nut mix.  The spirulina, brewer's yeast and rice bran mix already has plenty of antioxidants in the rice bran.  You don't need turmeric when using the spirulina/yeast/rice bran mix.
Detoxing: I don't think you need to do a special detox.  The antioxidants and other nutrients should already clean out your liver.  Using up your leftover milk thistle and so on won't hurt though.
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