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body temperature
Me too. Circulation has always been an issue. When my body temp is really low I tend to get really nasty migraine head aches. If I drink something espresso-based they usually disappear. I guess that the caffeine just raises circulation. It's not the same with coke though.
Coffee or espresso actually decreases blood flow to the pain site because of restricted blood vessels, so that's why it helps (temporarily) with headaches. Don't know if it's coffee's nature or the caffiene though.
temperature changes do make the blood vessels change which effects headaches, mainly migraines. I use to use a little trick to get rid of a migraine quick in would go run really hot water over my scalp. then quickly switch it to ice cold and the sudden fluctuation on the scalp would make the blood vessels rapidly change and my headache would be gone. Sure it would come back eventually, but sometimes it was a nice reprieve while I waited for meds to kick in.
Hi noella

I found out now that caffeine is a vasoconstrictor as well as a vasodilator so you were partly right.

But the pain relief is actually due to another mechanism (which I wasn't aware of up until now). Caffeine has a similar chemical structure as adenosine. It locks into the adenosine receptors in the brain. This way it prevents adenosine to lock into receptors and cause pain. When you drink coffee on a regular basis, the brain counterregulates this effect by creating more receptors which may then result in more head aches when you stop drinking it.

I don't drink coffee on a regular basis but it does help with my head aches every once in a while. But only if I'm feeling cold. Otherwise it usually doesn't work.

Mel, I've tried hot and cold water in the past. Unfortunately it never worked. Maybe it's different applying it on the scalp but I don't think I'm brave enough to try Rolleyes.
Hi Mel

I have been taking the kelp for at least several weeks and I think my temperature has increased a little bit. Not entirely sure, though, as I've never written it down and have just compared it to what's supposed to be while taking BB. My body temperature is still too low. This morning it was only 97.7 and I measured twice.

I've read the article you linked to again. And found the following interesting detail:

Thyroid function and/or iodine uptake are adversely affected by high protein intake

People on BB obviously make sure that they have a high protein intake!

Not sure whether this bit has been mentioned in this thread before, but if it has then I apologize. I must have missed it then.
I don't think it was discussed before, though personally I think that while it might effect it slightly, being on a high protien diet wouldn't account for a temp as low as in the 97's.

When you say it was 97.7 was that your waking temp? does it stay steady in that range throughout the day or does it try go up a bit as the day goes on?

I almost forgot in the posting of the links, here is another valuable website to help figure out the temperature problem.

Wilson Temperature Syndrome

I'm really having excellent results with the raw adrenal and raw thyroid I'm taking now. I've seen a huge temperature increase and in doing so also have seen a huge jump in my metabolism, which means I can stop being so obsessive with what I do and don't eat! In fact I'm going to have to add in some extras to stabalize my weight, since I don't want to loose any growth and since my temp went up I'm waking up each day anywhere from .5 to 1 pound lighter this week! It's nice to get rid of the few extras I put on during the holidays, that's all I want gone. So far, I haven't lost any in the chest it's just been from the tummy pouch I've been annoyed with.

I guess I started looking into the raw glandulars since I'm using BB and know first hand that glandular therapy can work really really well, so it just made sense to me to go that route. It took 2 weeks of the adrenal pills to see an increase and then I added in the thyroid this week to see if it would help get it up the rest of the way. Since adding it, is when the weight began falling off, and my temp has increased some more. I'm still waking with about 97.7 temp, and it's a very gradual increase throughout the day, but by night, it's 98.6 for the last 2 days!
Hi Mel

I measure my temperature at several times during the day (most often when I get up, about 2 hours later and in the evening before I go to bed or a few hours before). I guess I should take notes but I haven't so far. I know, however, that the highest temperature ever that I measured was 36.7 Celsius which equals 98.06 Fahrenheit. I haven't measured that high of a temperature for a long time, though. I have been taking kelp regularly for at least a month and started taking l-tyrosine and DIM 5 days ago.

I will have to look into the raw adrenal and raw thyroid you take. I wouldn't mind the added bonus of a jump in metabolism. I have put on a little bit less than 3 pounds in the last 7 weeks and am a little bit worried about my tummy. I really should give the raw adrenal and thyroid a shot - where did you order yours from? I hate spending more money on my breasts and I usually have to order everything from abroad which makes it even more expensive as I have to pay for international shipping and customs duties, but it could be worth it.
I got mine from evitamins online, with free shipping for an order of 50 or more, so I just ordered enough for the year to get the free shipping.

check around for a more local supplier though. I know if you go look at my program page, you'll see a recent conversation about finding it in new zealand if I remember right.

I still have days of my temp not wanting to completely cooperate, but for the most part it's staying stable at least. It makes me wonder if my dose needs increased, but I figured I would give it through one cycle before I adjusted it.

mel i have never tried that headache remedy! the things you learn on this site...
How do you measure your temperature? I use a digital oral thermometer and get 97.6 to 98.2F. I read somewhere oral is 1F lower than actual body temperature. Somewhere else it says normal body temperature is 98.6F taken orally. I'm confused.


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