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body temperature
Being someone that has struggled with body temperature, I'm always doing research and came across this article which is probably one of the most informative pieces I've read on using Iodine/kelp to raise the temp.


I've had sparatic success with bovine ovary, even without being able to raise my body temp, but can't help but feel something is still not at it's best with my temps running so low. Because of that, I would like to eventually be able to regulate it and see if it can help get some of my other issues under control such as hairloss, ect.

I know that odds are high that I do have low iodine levels due to having been on chemotherapy this year. chemo works by depleting folic acid levels and folic acid is directly related to idodine levels in the body. Anyway, hope you enjoy the read as much as I did for anyone looking into body temp problems.
I do take Kelp (iodine), but at much lower doses than in this study. I read alot about this when I started BB a few years ago, and it was recommended that unless you have severe deficiencies, you should only take between 200-300 mcg (that's "mcg" not "mg") daily. I don't know where I read it in the past, but I read enough to make sure I kept my intake low.

I only took it for a few months I think, because after that my temp seemed stablized. Now I take 225mcg every other day, along with what ever small amount is already in BB.

I have noticed just taking this small amount seems to keep my temp up. I use alot of cayenne powder in cooking, and of course I'm excercising daily, so that probably helps too.
I have the 150 mcg tablets and so far my temp has never budged. I think I could have gotten completely stressed over it if I had let myself, but when I still managed to get spurts of growth here and there with it low, I relaxed a bit.

I don't think I would feel comfortable taking as much as the study was giving their patients, but they did an excellent of putting a lot of information into such a nice concise package that could be understood in a better way to grasp the how's and why's iodine can be used for body temperature and I like having numbers to see, such as knowing that this helped half the study group, ect.

I've been kicking around moving my kelp up to 300 mcg to see if that changes anything, which is why I've been digging again for information. Oddly, since I have put so much pressure on the BO this month so I can move on to add noogling, it seems that I'm not having my normal signs that BO is doing anything for me. It's really weird. I have no tingles or tenderness so far this cycle.

I have kicked up my intake of cayenne this past week to see if that will help as well, even if it doesn't, cayenne has so many other benefits that it can only be a plus. I wasn't aware that cayenne is also being used for arthritis pain especially immune related arthritis. I can honestly say that after a week of taking 1 capsule 3 times a day I noticed less pain in my joints, which is what prompted me to look up it's other benefits to see if it was used as a pain reliever or a inflammation reliever. It turns out it has a long history of being used for both, so bonus there!

I've also been doing a little research on the thermogenic diet. for those that are not familiar with it, it's a diet that raises the body temperature in order to increase metabolism. As crazy as it sounds, the heat production process is one of the main components that make up the metabolism. There is a whole list of food and herbs that have termogenic qualities that are suggested to be used in these diets.

Here's a small sample of the most common thermogenic foods, drinks, and herbs.
1. Protein rich foods increase your metabolism by 30%, carbs only increase it 4%.
2. Salmon & Tuna: Researchers idetermined that eating meals of these items would increase weight loss by 22 % compared to someone skipping out of them. And lets not forget those awesome Omega 3's you get also from them, so big bonus there. 3. Celery burns far more calories than it provides. weird but true!
4. Hot Peppers. I think we all know how those work since they are a fav on the NBE boards! Lets just go ahead and give them a big "LOVE' em" stamp
5. Drinks: Ice Water. this one sounds weird, but if you drink iced water instead of room temp water, you body HAS to heat it up, so it kicks up the temp. Will you see a big result from this? no, but it is a documented process called water induced thermogenisis, and we know that every litle bit helps! Green Tea and Coffee both have thermogenisis effects. I would like to add that any hot beverage can indeed raise your core temp. nothing fancy about that process though. I like nothing better than to sit down with a big cup of hot coacoa and by the time I'm done with it, I will break out into a sweat. would I do that often for the temp effect. NO, way way too much sugar to make it worth it, but just wanted to point out what taking heat into the body can do.
6 Spices and herbs: Cayenne Pepper, Mustards & Chili Sauce, Parsley, and Salsa. Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon (which is supposed to be one of the higherresult thermogenic spices you can use), Celery Seed, Fennel Seed, Garlic, Ginger.

So, I would think we could try an number of these combinations not with the intent of weight loss, but with the intent of just adding them into our every day eating habits and might be able to see a result in body temp to help out with natural brest enhancement. Heck, adding these type of things in at the least would be the most normal thing some of us have tried. LOL

So, as you can see, lots of research, but not much in the action department yet. LOL, I really like to have 100% of the info before I change anything with my body. Call it the control freak side of me kicking in, but I'm nothing if not thorough!

I think it may be time to start using a little of this info I've gathered and see what comes of it. That is the next step most times for people after investing that much time and energy into research, I just have to get off my butt and do it. LOL
I have kelp capsules containing 660mg of kelp which contains 400mcg of iodine. I take one capsule every other day. You guys mentioned kelp in 150 mcg, do you mean 150mcg of iodine or am I taking way too much?Huh
mine is 150mcg of iodine derived from kelp.
check your protein shake: some come with amino acids added into them. mine has an amino complex in it that helps, plus i take a cayenne capsule in the mornings. take it with your protein shake, though, or your stomach will feel like it is on FIRE!!
I know this was discussed a while back, but I wanted to ask here. I've read the article that itsjust4fun91 posted- very interesting.
I've been monitoring my basal temps for 16 years with natural family planning, spacing our children nicely at about 2 half to 3 years apart, but my morning temps are usually around 35degC /94.84F (lowest just after period), and from ovulation to next period around 96.2F-96.8F until it drops again the day before my next period 95.2F
My Grandmother had her thyroid removed at 26 years of age. My Mum takes Thyroxine because she doesn't take up the T3/T4?? I can't remember. She gets a funny feeling like cortisol running through her body, heart feels out of sync (stress hormone). So do I, but I take withania to nourish my adrenal glands that have got wiped out from insomnia. Takes away the funny arythmia feeling you get and stress.
So even though I don't register on the blood work as hypothyroid, I do struggle with my weight still have 5-10kg to lose. The above article mentions a high protein diet and cruciferous veggies block iodine absorption. That sounds like me- love the broccoli, been low-carbing when ever I want to shed more weight between babies! It is one way has worked for me to lose weight is extreme low-carb high protein or raw vegan (polar opposites I know!) , but isn't high protein and low carb what BB recommends?
What should the ideal average temp be for me when I start BO? I want to have my body functioning optimally before I start NBE, using UB after baby weans, and I would like to lose some more post baby weight as well. No point dieting after all that if I lose it from the bust then, better to lose it now. I see L-Tyrosine and kelp/iodine bring it up and I have used thyroid support formulas including these before, but not for quite a while, but what temps do I aim for?
To answer your first question about BB and high protien, you're right they do reccommend to get a certain amount per day. They tend to encourage their shakes, but lots of gals find that when they are on a high protien diet, they really don't need them. I've gotten to where I only use them on days when I haven't gotten much protien.

Your second question about wht the body temperatre whould be for BB.

If I recall it's best to get to around 98.6. I know that on the BB directions, they suggest not beginning the pills until you get your temperature stable. There are some of us that never will, such as myself, but I'm not so sure mine is thyroid related, which is probably why it still worked for me. I still take the L-tyrosine and the kelp though just to be a good girl and follow directions. LOL

I would think the best thing you could do was find a good kelp or idodine suppliment and begin on that. Maybe not in as high of doses as in the article, but a bit less and them adjust to suit you as needed.
So do they suggest 98.6 be morning basal temps before rising or during the day at normal temperature? I always do my temps as soon as I awake before I get out.

I took resting temp this afternoon 36.68 deg C/ 98.02 deg F . But it is summer and very humid, so I will take them over a week just to see what happens at the same time of the day.

I will look into the L-Tyrosine and Kelp again, as thyroid might be an issue- actually if my adrenals recovered maybe that will balance things out.

Protein is probably plenty for me. I do make shakes as a meal replacement using just a pure whey powder in whole milk with a bit of vanilla and xylitol- as all the prepared shakes taste awful. We have chickens so omlettes are a regular breakfast too.

The accepted number for normal body temperature averages at 98.2, having been thought to be 98.6 for many years previously. You're body temp is lower at waking time, at around 97.6 F. So it's normal that you're waking temp is not in the right range, but you're afternoon temp should be 98.2-98.6 F. Our temperatures fluctuate not only within the day but also throughout our menstrual cycle. It is lower before ovulation, at ovulation day it's the lowest and then we have higher temperatures during our menstruation.

Mel, I believe since iodine intake isn't affecting your temperature, you're low temperature is not due to iodine deficiency like you suggested. What is your average temperature? Anything below 97.6 F is seen as low enough to consider a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. The treatment, if iodine is ineffective, is levothyroxine, a synthetic form of the hormone T4.


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