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body temperature
Hazel, I think you misunderstood me. I wasn't telling lilac that my low temp was due to iodine defiency. LOL, I said I don't think it is anymore. I say this for several reasons, one is that my t3 to t4 conversion is working and giving me great results with BB AND I don't have any of the symptoms of hypothyroidism or any other signal that my thyroid is not working properly I really doubt that I have any type of thyroid problem at all.

There is more than just thyroid that can cause low body temperature. In fact, Adrenal Fatigue can cause even lower temps than the thyroid can. Circulation issues can cause lower temps also, which some of the girls on the forum have had good luck with using circulation type supplements to raise their temp, when the kelp and such never did.

I do like to point out that women have to take care when trying to figure out what their low temp is from. If someone begins taking large doses of kelp and does not have thyroid problems they sure can lead to them in the form of hypothyroidism, and autoimmune thyroiditis.

My temp varies from 96.3 to 97.8 and has been since I was a child. I also have always had a very speedy metabolism, that made me one of those women that could eat anything and not gain. That last part is finally changing a bit, but then I'm alot older now too. It was bound to slow down eventually, but I'm still thin, just not unhealthy thin now.[/quote][/color]

Lilac, as for your body temperature, this is from the bountiful breast site

(24) What should my body temperature be for Bountiful Breast® to work effectively?
In order for the Bountiful Breast® pills to work effectively your body temperature should be between 98.2 and 98.6.

When your temperature is below this parameter the liver does not manufacture enough of the enzymes that convert T3 to T4. The T3 and T4 hormones, regulate your metabolic processes and also affects the Thyro-Pituitary-Ovarian access, endocrine imbalances affect the ability of your body to do its own job. Your body is complex and fluctuation in temperature affects your body's hormonal levels. Bountiful Breast® is a patent pending formula which does contain some of the ingredients your body needs to manufacture the required enzymes

I know when I spoke to them a long time ago about body temp, they said that anything below 98.2 ran the risk of the pills not working,

your temperature will of course fluctuate throughout the month like Hazel said due to your cycle. At ovulation there is a progesterone increase which increases your temp slightly, but only around a half a degree or so. it will run .5 higher from about 1-2 days after you ovulate until your period begins at which time, the progesterone and estrogen drops to allow the bleeding to begin, which will cause your temp to drop also.

So when you factor in the .5 you may well be within the range that is recommended for at least half of your cycle. Personally, I would just give it a try and see what you end up with. Take the L-tyrosine and a small dose of kelp as BB instructs and see what happens.
Mel, sorry for the misunderstanding, I didn't word my sentence right. I realized that you were talking about iodine deficiency not being your problem. But I didn't know other factors could cause low temperature. Well, as long as you're growing, it means something is working.

Has anyone else noticed a lot of women on these forums have low body temperature. I wonder if that is the reason for our undeveloped breasts? I know there are genetic factors determining breast size, but I believe there might be something to this. Anyways I'm rambling :-/.
Hazel, it is something that has come up before. I know in another post myself and Anastasia were talking about things that might contribute to not developing or for that matter not fully going through puberty the first time. At the time, we were discussing how badly stress, trauma, ect can really mess someones body up in so many ways, which can interfere with puberty in my opinion. What is a more stressful time, than puberty for some girls. Stress leads to cortisol, which in large quantities, can lead to hormone embalances, thyroid issues, and adrenal issues, which in turns if you get one of these it can cause the others to begin, ect. I think there are so many things that can go wrong while we are developing really, but at least we now know we get a do over if we are lucky enough to figure out the right things our body needs.

Before I get long winded I want to point out so that others might end up reading this, that there are things that can be taken that address both thyroid and adrenal, so that you are killing two birds with one stone and that is taking hyrolyzed collagen. The reccommended dose is about 10g if someone has a serious problem going on. I'm taking less though as of this week. I'm taking one called super collagen + C which is 6g of type I and II.
I began taking it hoping that it will help with my arthritis some, and posibly perk up my adrenal glands which I had problems with a couple of years ago, and they seem to be lagging again, but in reality I think everyone can benefit some from taking it during the nbe process. It's awesome for hair, nails, bones, joints, thyroid, and for adrenal.

Here is a great link for trying to figure out if a persons problem is thyroid or adrenal. It's a pretty informative little chart and the rest of the site is good also there isa section of reccomendations for whichever catagory you fall under.

LOL, I guess I'm confused also. I didn't realize that lilac had replied to my old post on low temperature, I thought we were having this discussion on the most recent post about low body temperature that Bared had started recently. LOL, in this one I had just gotten started on my BB and was just taking it as fact that if my temp was low it had to be thyroid, so yes in this one I did say that at the beginning of the post, but then when I answered Lilac, I told her mine is not from that which I finally figured out after months of taking the kelp and L-tyrosine.

LOL, I just didn't realize there were now two threads floating around with the same title. I say it's do over time and we just edit while we try to make it less confusing.
Okay since I now know this is the old thread I started, I am going to go ahead and get long winded and add some info to this thread that I've found over the last few months very valuable while trying to figure this all out.

There is more to Body temperature than the thyroid and I just wanted to post some of the basic information for other people trying to find information on why their body temp is low and how to fix it. The main thing you hear us talk back and forth about is the thyroid and taking kelp and L-tyrosine for it, but a lot of women are finding out that low body temperature means somethings wrong for the first time, when they decide to take Bovine Ovary. It's a lot of information to take in and I think sometimes some women just head down the road blindly taking whatever is suggested without really understanding why, or for that matter if that is really what's causing it and if they are taking what their body as an individual needs since we are are all different. I think first off you should go to the below link and take the the test to see which catagory you really fall under, if any.
Adrenal Fatigue /Thyroid Test Chart

After going over that chart with a fine tooth comb, you should read up the temperature graphing chart that he provides here to monitor your progress as you begin using supplements to try to correct the problem

Metabolic Temperature Charting

Once you have a better idea of which catagory your symptoms and your temperature fall under, then you can visit Adrenal Support Reccomendations to find out the supplements that will help get the adrenals functioning again, or you can continue with the Kelp and L-tyrosine treatments depending on which you lean toward, or for some go both routes, which he discusses doing in the FAQ

If you don't have any of the symptoms listed in the charts or not enough to think you might have a problem, then you can always look into a circulation problem, in which some women have had good success with cayenne. It falls under the thermogenic foods catagory, which you can learn a lot about by searching for information on thermogenic diets, which raises the body temp, to raise the metabolism, in order to loose weight, was already discussed further up in this thread.

Hope this helps some get their temp figured out way quicker than I was able to. LOL

Itjustforfun, That information and those links are very informative. I'm definitely going to look into this more. I think the hunch I already had on the adrenals probably is the main problem, and the chart seems to go along with that mostly. It is clear that these things are closely similar in some ways. It also is helpful, because I don't want to take the wrong supplement, and make things worse. In the mean time I'm going to continue charting afternoon temps as well....and do a lot more reading to see if I can raise the body temp. More than that, it is really about balancing things that are out of whack, and nourishing the body back to good health.

Thanks again, you're a wealth of information!

Lilac, when you go over the supplements recommended on the adrenal list, do some cross referencing research on them. Several of them are also good for thyroid as well, which would support both of them.
I will do that cross referencing. Clearly, for me it is both adrenal and thyroid according to Dr.Rinds's chart, with the adrenal fatigue as more dominant. I'm already taking MSM (just started last week), and I'll take Withania religiously and get the adrenal glands functioning smoothly again. The other supplements I'll look into more as I see how the temperature charts reflect what is going on before I try to change anything. I have a good naturopath who mentioned both these issues before, but I let things go a bit getting back on coffee etc. She first gave me the withania, and I felt so calm and better, that I felt I didn't need it anymore. So I only took it when I had a bad night and adrenal symptoms. Clearly I need to take it as a supplement for some time. I know it wasn't on Dr Rinds list of supplements, but I do know it works for me. I just need to be consistent.
It is good to find that I was probably right all along- it was both! It's a shame most M.D.s' don't have a clue about all of this. If we don't fit their narrow symptomatic guidelines we are made to feel we are nuts. I have been to doctors about both of these, and they don't have an answer. Heaven forbid you have an idea yourself what is going on. Then they get offended that you have been thinking for yourself. LOL
I appreciate that stuff anyway, and I'll take the links and my charts along to my new doctor and my naturopath and ask them to take a look once I get a better picture.

I'm suffering from low body temperature too. I really don't know why though. I am clearly not hypothyroid. I used to be hyperthyroid when I was younger. This is usually associated with the opposite - higher body temperature. But even back then my body temperature was always quite low, sometimes even subnormally low. Now that my thyroid and blood pressure levels are in the normal range it is not that bad any more but it's still there (strange that it got better with a slowing thyroid).

I went through that chart on dr rind's web site and I do have most symptoms of adrenal fatigue (like over 80 percent). Except when it comes to blood testing. Most are the exact opposite except for potassium, sodium and sugar. (I do have lots of symptoms indicating a hyperfunction of the adrenal glands also Huh)

quite confusing :-/

I'm really mystified as to why my temperature is so low. Do you know any other possible reasons for that?
the only ones i know of are thyroid, adrenal, and circulation, though i have long wondered if some people can just naturally be low temp and there not have to be anything wrong. i know i had low temp since a kid and i never had the adrenal problems until a couple of years ago. for me, bo worked with low temp. i don't think it is an automatic shut door, but i do think about half the gals with low temp do have problems with it. sorry for the lowercase typing i'm replying through text.


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