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FAQ-What's the Ultimate NBE Plan?


(27-08-2022, 04:19 AM)Lotus Wrote:  
(22-08-2022, 11:36 PM)benefitsofa Wrote:  My order has been cancelled. where else can i get it?

Hi, i created this program for myself and it worked very well, so I decided to share it with others. The program has helped many people over at

I don't recommend white peony anymore simply because of its lack of availability and quality. Additionally, other things will be added to help in the growth and formation of breast buds...aka: Terminal End Buds(T.E.B's) . [/font][/size][/color]

Pueraria mirifica @ 500-1500pm (daily) helps elongates breasts & promotes E1 (estrone) and possibly E2 (estradiol) by way of dexoymiroestriol and miroestrol
Progesterone cream- ⅛ teaspoon spread over per breast (3-4 times per week) helps to build side branching of breasts 
MSM 1-3g per day. antioxidant, taking msm facilitates a pro-breast growth pathway called STAT5, it's a protein synthesizer, Meaning it helps raise growth hormone.
Vitamin D3 & Calcium, helps with breast growing. If you take Calcium you need V-D3 to become more biologically active. Source vitamin D3 with organic olive oil. 
Melatonin (dosage varies per person), taking this is going after REM and Deep sleep stages (@ body healing), and other things. 
Reishi extract-follow manufacturers dosing guidelines, the higher the polysaccharides the stronger anti-androgen. Like this one below, it's organic and 35% polysaccharides, inhibits Testosterone/DHT

Technically, MSM stimulates the stat5 pathway which facilitates phosphorylation and the nuclear translocation & DNA other words it helps with breast growth. MSM also stimulates prolactin and enhances GH (growth hormone)

[Image: MOdE2TGXXhhXuEAJppjOWbUPbqM87CY_70sEk3Wq...9_tHb04Tz4]

This program is more of an ultimate NBE program imho...or at least for some folks at breastnexum.

Hi Lotus! Thank you so much for putting this easy to follow program together. Do you recommend to cycle any of these supplements for a cis female?

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