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NBE quick tips
I've gone through a lot of ancient Chinese breasts enhancement recipes.

And I found out that dates are included in a lot of them.

I'm Chinese btw. My mom always told me that I should eat dates because it's good for your skin and blood circulation. I don't like eating dates. They are just weird.

Now I decided to listen to my mom since she's 48 with some quite decent looking breasts. They were never saggy. So maybe she's right on the dates.

Also I think exercise is very important. I do push ups and weights lifting. I also use a balance ball to work my shoulders and arms. All that will shape you up!

Good luck to everybody hereSmile
I'm going to start a diary to keep track of my NBE trip here in a minute.
There are some fruits that contain sugar, so we should also avoid that??
The sugar in fruits is totally fine, and some fruits like strawberries can help increase breast sizeBlush
my tip is to stay away from anything made from white flour.
1. Be a girl
2. Do your research (important)
3. Be positive everyday
4. Eat the right foods (fish, meat, protein bars, peanut butter) i dont know much about chicken feet but iv heard god things
5. Do before and after photos and check your results

i recently done this online course on how to make your boobs grow its was great and strongly recommend it GIRL POWERBig Grin!!!!!


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