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NBE quick tips
Hey everyone.

Thought we could make a sticky with this:

Think of some quick tips in doing NBE. For a quick reference. No paragraphs please. I have to keep reminding myself of the little things that can easily be forgotten.

When it looks like we have many tips, I could pile it all into one thread, and then hopefully Eve can make it into a sticky.

i was thinking to do this or "Do's and Don'ts".

1. Stay away from ice cold drinks.
2. Stay away from too much sugar.
3. Take the Herbs on an empty stomach.

if any mistake is made by giving a certain tip, maybe wahaika the NBE doctor can correct us?

thank you all. Blush
Hello Ellet,

Here are some more:

Be born as a biological female.
Be 18 or older.
Do your homework. Understand the process.
Start on cycle day 1.
Start on cycle day 1 before march 20th. (First day of spring.)
Lose weight, slowly - especially off the stomach, back, butt, legs.

my 2 cents

1. Love yourself esp. your BREAST no matter what size/shape you have
2. No one can make a program for you but yourself (it's a learning process)
3. Listen to your body, it will let you know if something is not working
4. Be patient
5. Have a positive attitude

lastly, I can not stress this one enough:

READ, READ, READ, and then READ some more, but -- don't believe everything you read -- there are a lot of scams out there so be careful and don't forget to have FUN! After all bigger breast are suppose to be fun!!! Big Grin

* Give your program more than 2 weeks to show you results. Try to give it an opportunity for at least 3 months, even better - 6.

* Try to find the answer to your question by going through the threads first before posting a new one - a clean board is HEAPS easier to get what you want from!

* Contribute where you can.

(19-10-2009, 10:17 PM)Wahaika Wrote: Hello Ellet,

Here are some more:

Be born as a biological female.
Be 18 or older.
Do your homework. Understand the process.
Start on cycle day 1.
Start on cycle day 1 before march 20th. (First day of spring.)
Lose weight, slowly - especially off the stomach, back, butt, legs.


I have a question about the losing weight slowly part (I am not sure if we can post questions in the stickies, but this might help other women as well). How can we lose weight while doing NBE; it won't interfere with our growth? And by slow, would that mean 1lb a week, because that is currently what I am aiming for. However, I am doing it before I start herbs because I am also dieting.

My tips:

1) Take a before picture. Some women grow, but it may not always show up as a measurement. Pictures can show any small progress you have made.
2) Be consistent. Mark a calendar if you need to with a countdown to keep you doing it everyday.
3) Massage is very important, but don't get discouraged if you feel you can't do a certain time everyday. Just shoot for consistency, everyday for a few minutes is better than an hour once in a while.
Get your hormones tested. Can't stress this one enough.

For example if you're estrogen dominant it is not a good idea to have only herbs in your program. Also you might benefit from decent amounts of progesterone.

On the other hand if your progesterone levels are elevated you might worsen everything by taking extra progesterone.

And so on.

Things to keep in mind.

- Any hormonal supplements can distort the results. Stop everything for at least a couple of weeks.

- If you were on bcp wait at least two regular cycles to get reliable results. (you won't get any reliable results while on bc)

- Do blood testing if you can. Tell your doctor you suspect a hormonal imbalance (e.g. irregular cycle or excessive hair etc) and ask for a blood test. (Also ask for a copy of the results.)

- If you can't get a blood test do a saliva test.

- You can do the symptoms check list on Dr. Lee's website for starters. But keep in mind that symptoms can be misleading to the point where they are pointing to the exact opposite. Get some saliva or blood testing done to clear things up.

- Make sure the test is done at either at the beginning of the cycle (days 3-5), around ovulation (day 14) or before menstruation and compare them with the normal ranges for the specific time.

It is important to find out whether you have an underlying hormone condition before doing NBE. If your results are all within the normal range there might still be tendencies. For example if your estrogen is in the lower range while your progesterone levels are in the upper range you might have symptoms of estrogen deficiency. If your estrogen is low but your progesterone is even lower you might have symptoms of estrogen dominance.

Important hormones are estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, FSH, and LH. Also important are ACTH, cortisol, SHBG, DHEAS, prolactin and thyroid hormones.

Do it more than once if possible.
-Take the hormone balance test here first:


If it states that your hormones are imbalanced I.E; Estrogen deficient or too much Progesterone.. Do not start taking any herbs for NBE until you get your hormones back in place. Vitex (Agnus-Castus) balances out your hormones -- it takes about 2 or 3+ months. I took it with my intentions to balance it out before I started NBE but I ended up taking it longer due to it was gaining me breast growth. But then I added 1 or 2 NBE herbs if I recall in the program.

-I heard boiling chicken feet (but I never did that) Where the heck do you get that anway Haha.
-Soy milk or Soy products
-Protein bars/shakes
-Grains and oatmeal
-Alfalfa tea (Not the best taste but..)
-Green Tea
-Eating healthy all fruits and vegetables
-Almond butter/Peanut Butter

Well now that I think of it, Hops is known to be a breast growth herb, and that IS an ingredient in beer.. haha.
-Hops is found in Beer and can be used for breast enhancement but to drink enough to get the hops you need you'd have to drink like 15 beers a day which will make you a fatty...I think if you go to a beer site or check out a brewery you can buy hops in packets or something.
-It's possible to get them naturally by eating alot of soybean sprouts
(the sprouts are the highest rated for content on most lists) that can explain why soy helps but the more pure/young the soy means more hops and plant estrogen.
I have a friend that has been exposed to beer since she was like 13 and she is "gifted" but also struggles with weight sometimes... (for reference).

-just look up *insert ingredient here* source or "where to find"
Google is your friend...your friend that likes to talk alot about things available to buy (adds) but your friend none-of-the-less.

-As for the chicken feet i used to see them at an older food lion as a kid or they have alot of that stuff in Mexican-type grocery stores (in the USA, donno about the rest)
hope that helps people that are looking for that stuff.
Chicken feet are found in Asian grocery stores. They are really cheap.
Flaxseed oil! it contains lots of phytoestrogens, mutch more than soy. Especilly women who had children cuold benefit from trying flaxseed oil.


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