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NBE quick tips
(19-10-2009, 12:50 PM)ellet Wrote: Take the Herbs on an empty stomach.

Why should you take them on an empty stomach?
I have another general question, can you take all your herbs together in one big herby hit or is it better to space?

At the moment I stagger them leaving a few hours between each herb however I take the whole daily dose of that herb in one go.
The reason for an empty stomach is for absorption. Taking herbs by themselves helps the digestive system to focus on only those. If you take them with meals, that's Ok too, just not the most efficient. Think of it this way, what if you eat meat (takes acid to digest) and potatoes (takes alkaline to digest) at the same time? They cancel each other out. Now, add herbs into that situation. There is a chance that they could get caught up with parts of the meal that will not digest them, or not digest them completely.

Taking the herbs all together is OK.
Thank you Big Grin
thank you for your post,waiting for your next post!!
(19-10-2009, 12:50 PM)ellet Wrote: 2. Stay away from too much sugar.

What's the reason for avoiding excess sugar? Is this really true? If so, I'm going to be very disappointed...I'm practically addicted to sugar.

Could this be the reason why my boobs are so small? :O
I've read that too much sugar causes raised androgen levels that will hinder NBE.

Does anyone have any information about alcohol? I suppose it can't be good because of its high sugar levels but is the alcohol in itself counterproductive?

i woun't write the complete story how "bad" sugar is. I just write what
happens to androgen levels...

High loads of sugar spike your blood sugar levels (bs). To get rid of the sugar
your body releases high loads of insulin. After some time your bs levels
will go down real fast (hypoglycemia). An "emergency" situation in your body. To engage the low blood sugar levels your body will release androgens. (thats one reason
lots of woman have skin problems caused by eating lots of sugar)

(Insulin -> raise Igf-1, drop IGFBP-3... etc etc)


will write something l8ter
1. maca is good for butt growth
2. aguaje will also grow your butt
Stay away from green tea,
& caffeine in general
& chocolate as it has caffeine
& sugar espesh too much
& hard liquor coz it also disrupts hormones,
& turmeric competes for recepter sites (maybe),
& bioflavinoids vits as they remove/bind to hormones ( thats my theory)
& excessive fibre after you have taken herbs coz it will bind to hormones and "sweep" them away,
adrenal exhaustion,
cigarettes just destroy precious hormones,
excessive carbs get converted to simple sugars,
estrogen b.c.pill raises bloodclot risk while doing nbe,
don't include too many phtoestrogens, which compete for receptor sites,
get plenty sleep,
candida overgrowth, can hinder results somewhat, establish good bacteria.


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