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Progesterone cream for underdeveloped breasts
I have only used cerazette but many women report bad side effects from it so I can't really recommend it. But it works good for me.
Should any supplements be added when taking progesterone cream to help increase breast growth? Any suggestions?
I wish NBE were simple. I'm learning so many things now that would have definitely helped me earlier on.

I believe I'm at Tanner Stage 4, and have needed Progesterone to be able to hit Stage 5. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I had low Progesterone until a few months ago (my estrogen was just THAT low it completely hid the symptoms).

I'll let you guys know in a few months what PC does to help complete my growth! I'm at the end of month 2 now and it's already done so much to level out my hormones! I just want mature breasts so bad! Lol
I read on here that PM is a weak phytoestrogen.. I thought that PM was really strong and gives more estrogen? Can someone clarify it for me. Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I didn't want to make another if this already exists. 

Im looking for another supplement to pair with my PC application for better results.

Thank you


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