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Progesterone cream for underdeveloped breasts
I read an old thread yesterday about a girl with underdeveloped breasts that grew 2 inches after using PC. That sounds so hopeful!!

I soon will start my second month of PC and I will keep you all informed of my process. =)

I was thinking about adding GABA to the progesterone cream for some growth hormones and relaxation. I have been so stressed and not sleeping lately and hopefullu GABA can help with that as well =)
Sounds like a plan?
You should grow just fine with progesterone cream. Make sure you put it from above your chest and all around your breastsWink
(07-10-2011, 04:14 PM)tibetan113 Wrote: You should grow just fine with progesterone cream. Make sure you put it from above your chest and all around your breastsWink

I just looked at your program page and saw your pictures and OMG!!!!! I am definitly continuing PC, what an inspiration you are!!

One question, how often do you put the cream on your breasts? Some put it every forth night, I may have put it more often directly on them. Do you do it every night? And thanks for the tip on the application, I was not putting it from above my chest.
So I like to dab micro amounts (like bead sized) sparingly all over my chest everywhere except for the areolas. Blush
Then I dab a bit of evening primrose oil or vit E cream and start doing the massage first then rotations. I also dab micro amounts in a couple of thin skinned areas like my inside of elbows(where one would draw blood) backs of knees. never put on belly though.

Some days I will just skip PC on breasts after like 4 days in a row and just use EPO but its seldom cause I always get tempted to put it back on my bosoms Big Grin

You can rotate every 3 days and put on the chest area or do like me. I think no matter what, as long as you put it on your chest, you'll get results!
Hi Tibetan!
Wow!!! You have perfect breasts, congrats on the growth!!
I thought progesterone cream was to be applied everyday during luteal phase??
Tibetan - I know what you mean, I also didn't want to skip days on using it on my breasts so I used it usually there, took one and one day off, but I also put it on my areolas (because they WERE puffy) and wrists but very small amounts overall. I am waiting for my cream to arrive in the post but I have already started my lutheal phase and I feel horrible estrogen dominance symptoms, I can't wait for it to come. I can't believe I didn't understand sooner what a bad hormonal imbalance I had.

And btw. I think your breasts look absolutly perfect and your areolas really match your size =)

Thanks, I had 2 cycles of success when using just a week earlier. That was the only time I noticed any kind of spurt. I guess it just made me respond a bit quicker huh.

Thank you CousinRoseBlush
I am also thinking about using DMSO(this stuff carries anything through the skin) I'll let you know how the experimentation goes on that.
progesterone cream

its sounding very interesting. i am going to use this after reading this post
Can you guys recommend a PC cream? I've heard the wild yam ones, which I can purchase in the herbal stores, don't really work because your body can't convert it into progesterone. Thanks


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