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Progesterone cream for underdeveloped breasts
Interesting, I am on tri sprintec which I know has some progesterone in it, but I experience a lot of symptoms that go along with progesterone deficiency, I am so very tempted to put PC on my smaller, tubular breast. But I have no idea if it would affect my bc or levoxyl. Any insight?
The problem is that noone knows. I used bcp for one month and I stopped using the PC that month just in case. I think it is unlikly that PC would effect the bcp because the reason bcp fails is usually because of too low hormonal levels but since getting pregnant is about the worst thing that could happen to me, I didn't take the chance.

Can you use a different form of birth contol while doing NBE?
I have found that PC ( technically its extract) has worked wonders for me ( not for anyone who has issues with alcohol based extracts). I have cut down on the use of estrogen enhancers (PM) and have noticed significant growth of Aveoli and lactifarous ducts. The stuff i was using was a wild yam extract .. just saying Tongue
What brand of PC do you guys use? I am going to attempt to use it, just on my smaller breast, while on my birth control. How and when do I use it?
im interested to know the brand people use too...and also how do you know if to do the progesterone cream, or the photoestrogens? i.e how do you get your hormones tested and firgure it all out?
Bexy- there are kits you can buy online (johnleemd.com) or have them tested by your doctor. Or you can just go by any symptoms you may have. A lot of women on here use that method, but it isn't always accurate. Typically, if you have a larger bottom half than top, you are estrogen dominant and probably need to increase progesterone (according to what I've read on here and on the internet, I am not a doctor).

I use Now Solutions natural progesterone liposomal skin cream which I found at Whole Foods Market. I only started using it a week ago, but I can feel and see changes happening already.
Hello Girls,

After taking PM for 1 week, I noticed a drastic reduction in breast size. I am wondering if I am estrogen dominant? Maybe PM is not for estrogen dominant women? Does that mean that progesterone is the way to go?

Hey godiva, I also saw your reply in the PM forum but I will only answer you here. My breasts are the smallest on day 5-7 of my menstruational cycle and f.ex this cycle they were 1,5 cm smaller then with the lutheal swelling. Are you sure it isn't just lutheal swelling going away?

I have never heard of PM shrinking the breasts. However, I am also estrogen dominent and I used PM for 2 months with no results. I started using the progesterone only pill with PM and I grew 1,5 cm in one month. If you are estrogen dominant, raising estrogen will not do anything for you. Before I started the PM I used PC for a few months but I guess I still didn't balance my hormones enough since I didn't grow.

PC did not grow my breasts and neither did the progesterone only pill alone. However, with PM and POP I did grow. It is not surprising since I know I am estrogen dominant with low estrogen and even lower progesterone. I am having no bad side effects at all.

If you grow on PC alone, you might have estrogen dominance with normal or high levels of estrogen and low progesterone. But the thing is, you could also have normal progesterone levels and high estogen and if that is the case you don't need extra progesterone but to lower your estrogen exess and that is done with weaker phytoestrogens then PM.

Good luck and keep us informed Smile

Thanks very much Cousin Rose, I'll keep you updated!
CousinRose, what progesterone only pill did you use? Can you recommend a brand?


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