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Really need advice. I dont know what i've done to my body.

(14-08-2016, 04:34 AM)maggie06 Wrote: I'm new here, but started taking PM about two months ago. I had no issues my first month and had my period on time. The second month I took PM for the whole month and my period did not arrive when it was due so I stopped taking the PM and I'm pretty sure I ovulated at that time. This was about 14 days ago. Since then, I have had ZERO symptoms that I normally get during luteal phase i.e. breast swelling, tenderness, bloating, cramping, food cravings... My breasts look like they have been run over by a truck a thousand times and have absolutely no volume or tenderness. I still don't have any cramping or bloating and I am now on day 42.

Just some background: I am a healthy 31 yr old female. I am not sexually active right now so there is zero chance I am pregnant. I have never in my life had a late or missed period. My period is as regular as clockwork. The last few years I have had some minor diffuse hair thinning but that is a whole other issue. That was actually the primary reason I started taking PM as I thought the phytoestrogen would help hair growth like the BCP without the serious side effects of BCP.

The last 5 days I have been drinking parsley tea and taking pills to no avail. I still don't have any signs of having my period and I am loosing my mind. I am so worried that I messed up my body so bad that I wont get my period again and I've put my body in some kind of early menopause. I am literally in tears. I just want my period to come back. My period is going on 15 days late and I don't know what to do or if I should just start taking birth control ( I have the xulane patch). I guess I've learned my lesson to never take PM for the whole month or for that matter I probably wont ever take it again.

If anyone has any advice or has been in a similar situation, it would be great to hear about it. I haven't taken PM for like 15 days and I really don't understand how I'm not getting my period yet. I see some people are late but never this late and they usually have symptoms. Really don't know what to do....Thanks for reading

​Oh my god, I'm so sorry! There's no feeling worse than feeling your hair starts falling off as a woman. You definitely need more supplements in your life.
Sorry for chiming in to this thread so late, but I used to dread taking showers all the time. Now I don't mind.

This is my story and some of my best advice which I hope is going to be of much help.

I'm a woman in her 50's and I didn't give much thought to my sprouting gray hairs and my hair loss in my 30's during my first pregnancy because they were virtually undetectable; however, as my patch turned into a streak, I began to question whether or not I should address them although it was the last thing I wanted to do...

Should I color them? Should I stick to natural hairstyles where they'd go unnoticed? I was really on the fence, yet I didn't feel particularly rushed to conceal my grays...

I'm glad there are finally solutions out there for doing something about it that actually work!

This is a daily hair growth supplement that quite quickly helped me and my bestie to improve our hair and stop our hair loss with a few important but natural ingredients.

It wasn't until we found it we were able to make our hair stop falling off as fast although it doesn't stop completely!

I finally feel a lot more confident in my hair!

Wishing you the best of luck in your journey, sis.

Hope my advice was of help to you <3



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