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Full Version: Really need advice. I dont know what i've done to my body.
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I'm new here, but started taking PM about two months ago. I had no issues my first month and had my period on time. The second month I took PM for the whole month and my period did not arrive when it was due so I stopped taking the PM and I'm pretty sure I ovulated at that time. This was about 14 days ago. Since then, I have had ZERO symptoms that I normally get during luteal phase i.e. breast swelling, tenderness, bloating, cramping, food cravings... My breasts look like they have been run over by a truck a thousand times and have absolutely no volume or tenderness. I still don't have any cramping or bloating and I am now on day 42.

Just some background: I am a healthy 31 yr old female. I am not sexually active right now so there is zero chance I am pregnant. I have never in my life had a late or missed period. My period is as regular as clockwork. The last few years I have had some minor diffuse hair thinning but that is a whole other issue. That was actually the primary reason I started taking PM as I thought the phytoestrogen would help hair growth like the BCP without the serious side effects of BCP.

The last 5 days I have been drinking parsley tea and taking pills to no avail. I still don't have any signs of having my period and I am loosing my mind. I am so worried that I messed up my body so bad that I wont get my period again and I've put my body in some kind of early menopause. I am literally in tears. I just want my period to come back. My period is going on 15 days late and I don't know what to do or if I should just start taking birth control ( I have the xulane patch). I guess I've learned my lesson to never take PM for the whole month or for that matter I probably wont ever take it again.

If anyone has any advice or has been in a similar situation, it would be great to hear about it. I haven't taken PM for like 15 days and I really don't understand how I'm not getting my period yet. I see some people are late but never this late and they usually have symptoms. Really don't know what to do....Thanks for reading
Well to answer my own thread. I will probably just start taking the birth control patch. There is no way my period is even close. I have no signs and my breasts keep looking like deflated pancakes that are sagging to my waist which is completely new for me. I feel like my body can't get out of follicular phase. I have more signs of ovulation and this is the third time I've had ovulation symptoms since I last had my period July 4th.. Now I'm going to have to wait another 25+ days to see if I even get a period after that. This is actually really devastating.....Be careful what you do to your bodies.....
Sorry to hear that.
What brand PM did you take?
See i hate what herbs can do.
Dont fret its actually very normal to hear girls here say how PM messed up their cycles.. VERY common..
If you havent been on the pill before and have no need to i wouldnt start now! Birth control is another thing you dont want to be on long term.
Im sure your cycle will come back soon. But dont touch Pm again.
Hopefuly your breasts will fill out again. Maybe massage massage massage them .
I think you`ve overdosed PM like i had before. My period was delayed for 10more days. Dont worry too much because too much stress affects hormones as well.
Thanks Ellacraig and Laurel,

I got the PM off of amazon. It is called herbal for health and its supposed to be premium grade from Thailand 500mg.
(14-08-2016, 09:55 AM)maggie06 Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Ellacraig and Laurel,

I got the PM off of amazon. It is called herbal for health and its supposed to be premium grade from Thailand 500mg.

The fact they sell it as a breast enlargement product puts a red flag out. PM isnt primarily a breast product, its an antiaging product and id only trust anyone who sold it as such. Id throw it out!
Yeah I'm definitely throwing this stuff out. I've taken other herbs before like maca and SP and never had an irregular period. I've only intentionally delayed a period with BCP. I remember my MD telling me that it is not good to go more than 2 months of skipping a period with BCP..I am now adding dong quai and turmeric to the copious amounts of parsley I'm consuming. I'm gonna give it a couple more days, then I will have to start the birth control patch. Its been 15 days since I ovulated and no signs of period so its not likely its going to start Sad. Something is very seriously wrong with my body. I have NEVER in my life seen my breasts like this. They look like I breast fed 10 kids and are sagging beyond belief. I just can't deal with this. I can't even function right now. I just want my normal body and period back. I'm trying not to stress, but I can't help it. This is awful...
My wife is currently over two weeks late, so we are kind of in the same boat...

I'm not sure what the issue is. I think the mistake may have been starting some herbs and massage in the middle of the cycle and thinking it was mild enough to not interfere with the cycle. She actually responded immediately well to breast enhancement, but everything has been put on hold due to the late period. It's stressful as you know.

We've tried the parsley tea and vitamin C method without response. Fennel and Fenugreek without response. Now we are a few days on PC hoping it might trigger it when it ramps down starting today.

We are of the opinion that she shouldn't be pregnant, but not 100% sure and haven't yet taken a test to find out.

Anyways, she was similar as to consistent cycle wise throughout life and so this is a surprise as well. I guess the next thing to do is either wait it out, and/or take a pregnancy test to rule that out.

The only amount of PM she did was some Ainterol cream a couple of days in a row, and so I am very surprised that would have had much effect. She did go kind of heavy with the oil massage and herbal extracts (Fenugreek, WY, and a little SP) because her boobs were literally blowing up in response.

I hope you get your period soon and figure out a plan that works for you.
Hi Peekaboobs,

I'm sorry your wife is going through the same thing. My anxiety level is through the roof from this! It is pretty scary that herbs can be this potent. I actually just gave up with the parsley, dong quai, and vitamin C and started the birth control patch. I know my body and can tell my reproductive system basically shut down. I have no signs of a period, so I was down to the last resort. Birth control....

Have you guys considered doing a pregnancy test? It would be good to rule it out. Does she have any symptoms? The PM really seems to interfere with ovulation. It made me ovulate when I should have had my menses.

Well let me know how the PC works. I have some too, but don't think it made a difference for me. Good luck to both of us
She's not showing any signs of pregnancy that we know of. Her boobs and nipples were sore and very sensitive when she was doing the massage and herbs, but now she says they aren't sore at all, just bigger.

This is crazy. She just put a sprig of parsley in her vagina to see if that helps. I think the stress isn't helping and she doesn't want to do a pregnancy test because she says that will really stress her out if she is pregnant.

Maybe we figured out some crazy powerful mix of herbs that really effected her. I don't know. It was all pretty much topical and we tried it a few different ways and with other additions such as Black Pepper Essential Oil, Cinnamon Leaf oil, and L-Arginine to potentially create better delivery. We even tried Tiger Balm once. The base herbs were mostly Fenugreek and Wild Yam extract, with a little use of Saw Palmetto, and Fennel powder. Flax seed oil was used the first few times, then went to Coconut oil, and tried some almond oil as well. She responded very well combining this with the 300+ deer massages and some other custom type massages. This along with visualization.

Anyways, it seems to really work and now it's all on hold and we could care less about doing more until her natural cycle is back in order.
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