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my current program
Hi all,
I've been browsing around and was wondering if someone could tell me if i'm on the right path with what i'm using:

Currently :
800mg red clover
1600mg hop
400mg Maca
200mg soja

i've ordered 500mg tablets of PM

What do you all think?
Ok... update:
Height: 178.5 cm = 5' 10"
Weight: 79 kg * 2.2046 lbs/kg = 174 lbs
Breast: 109 cm
Under: 97 cm
Waist: 93 cm

started PM on sept 20
currently : PM (3000mg), SP, HOP and FG

Feeling 'something' in my breast area, no budding yet, but fat redistribution in the breast area and nipples pointing

I'm still looking for the ideal combination for total feminisation.
Hi all,
I haven't been on PM since april last year. I had quite some budding going on, but then I got cold feed en stopped.
Since a week I've restarted again, the urge to feel my breasts again was to hard to ignore.
It seems my nipples are growing a bit already, but no budding yet, no tingling feeling....
can't wait the feel the 'pain' again!
as for now my weight is 79kg, underbreast : 95cm, overbreast : 113cm


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