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HELP :/ Menstrual issues from PM? What's going on?!

I think I'll just continue with the cream for now and wait till my next period.
Last one was on the 10th. So hoping this one arrives soon O.O..

But definite change! I have pics but i feel shySad
Sweet Pea: I'm taking Ainterol. I've heard a lot of good things and a lot of bad things about it. So far I haven't seen much of a difference, but I haven't been taking it for very long.

When I started taking the PM I stopped taking every other herb I was taking except for Fenugreek, but I recently read that you get better results with PM when you add other herbs so I started taking Wild Yam again (I cut out SP because I feel like it was making me crazy!). But I'm making sure to be careful with both WY and PM together. Isabelle told me that Wild Yam hinders the breakdown of estrogen which can help but it could also lead to estrogen dominance.

I've been reading different posts around the forum and some people say start taking it the first day of the period, and some say only after the period is over (like GorgeousBlonde suggested). Since the first didn't work out, I'm going to try the second. I'll eventually find the right routine for me Smile

I'm having the same problems too. I took PM from the first day of my period for 14 days. Afterwards, I had spotting for a few days which is extremely rare for me. Now, I'm 6 days late and praying it'll come soon.
Hey Girls,
All the period stuff was confusing things for me too. Not only that but i wanted to find a way to get the absolute most out of PM (take it for longer).

So i am taking a progesterone bcp, which i've never done before, you take it straight for 3 months before you break for a period & you can get it in an injection once you are sure the stuff agrees with you.

So im taking 1000mg PM +40mg extract, progesterone & in a fortnight ill add goats rue. Also massaging with pm cream all Ainterol.


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