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PM supplier cost comparison
isabelle thank you very much for the information of the PM, took about two months I have left llily tiger exercises, I've been on vacation, and you know laziness, a year after doing the exercises I wanted to get some rest, so I have more chest or Less Same, although it seems that if I lost a little, slightly, so I want to return to the exercises, but also wanted to try the PM also, I see pages that has [b] Isabelle [/ b], have the very good price last I have not looked good, and I do not know if from Spain, could buy, I guess if as the price is in euros, my question is, when you start to notice more volume in the breasts, few have to take a day?, what I read is that you rest for a few days in the month, right? Thanks for reading and for commenting, greetings to all and good luck!
Thank you Mel and Claudia,

The price in the left column is in euros for 100 capsules.

If day 1 is the first day of your period,
you take 3 or 4 capsules on day 9 to 11.
Then 2 capsules from day 12 to 25.
Then 1 capsule from day 26 to 5 (or the end of your period).
Then 2 capsules on day 6 to 8.
(08-08-2011, 08:36 PM)Isabelle Wrote: This is an update of the table I posted here:

(83.45) € 16,69 100 capsules 100 mg http://diversen.tweedehands.net/diverse-...ifica.html

(81.90) € 16,38 100 capsules 100 mg http://www.made-in-asia.net/E_frame.html...DgodywEx8g

(58.04) $ 19.90 120 capsules 100 mg http://www.puerariamirificabuteasuperba.com/ (siriporn, Premium Pueraria, PueraraPrem)

(48.33) $ 29.00 060 capsules 350 mg http://www.puerariaherb.com/Purafem.html (Purafem)

(47.25) $ 45.00 060 capsules 200 mg http://www.getbustupgum.com/st-herb.html (St. Herb)

(29.12) $ 07.49 060 capsules 150 mg http://www.thaiherbalproducts.com/catalo...50_mg.html Thanyaporn

(20.73) £ 9.950 060 capsules 500 mg http://www.puerariamirifica.co.uk/

(16.69) € 16,69 100 capsules 500 mg http://biovea-europe.com/results.aspx?Pa...20Mirifica

(16.58) £ 39.80 300 capsules 500 mg http://www.puerariamirifica.co.uk/ special offer 4 + 1 free

(11.33) $ 77.70 400 capsules 600 mg http://www.perfect-curve.com/orderPP.php

(8.125) £ 19.50 300 capsules 500 mg http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pueraria-Mirif...2c50fa15fe Ainterol e-bay UK

(7.665) $ 10.95 100 capsules 500 mg http://www.ainterol.us/?gclid=CMDLo-Lcsq...DgodtHkE-Q

The order of the list is from expensive to affordable. The number between brackets in the first column is a standardized offer I calculated in euros for 100 capsules of 500 mg. I used $ 1 = € .7 and £ 1 = € 1.25 for exchange rates.

Ginie has tried both St. Herb and Siriporn. How they compare is in her program thread. St. Herb is now below Siriporn and Purafem in the above table. Who else has experience with actually using two or more products?

Is Thanyaporn Bust Lift only available in Australia? The postage is AU $ 12.95!
AU $ 24.95 300 capsules 300 mg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/BREAST-ENLARG...4827wt_882

Are these capsules 1,000 mg?

Postage and delivery time vary: please share your experiences, like Pansy Mae did here:
The above table lists only the actual selling price, not including postage.

really appreciated! Now if only we could have an effectiveness and safety comparison!

Maybe we can all band together and do one sometime.
Thank you so much Isabella for such great afford of information.
Thank you White Valkyrie and Crystalelle,

And you're welcome.

The first step towards a comparison of effectiveness and safety is a good PM user list. I had a go at it below. Anyone who's got corrections or additions, please reply.

So far, only Ginie, Nila, and Sweetpea have experience with different brands. Maybe Rian.a and Soonenough too. Anyone else?

PM User List:

AimingforD: Ainterol

Balletbaby: Ainterol

Beachbumbythesea: Ainterol

Belabrasil: Ainterol

Bigboobie007: Ainterol cream

Cali29: Ainterol

Chiquitabella: Ainterol?

Chrishoney: Ainterol

Chrissie/Chrissiegirl: Puerariamirifica.co.uk

Dargona: Ainterol

DropDeadDoll: Ainterol

Gasolinerainbow: Siriporn pills and Ainterol spray?

Ginie: St. Herb and Siriporn

Gogirlanime: Purafem, Ainterol

GorgeousBlonde: Pueraraprem (=Siriporn)

Hopeful88: Thanyaporn

IdreamofD: Ainterol

Im-a-girl: Ainterol

Immasexy: Ainterol

Itsjust4fun91: Siriporn?

Janie: Thanyaporn

JulieTG: ?

Lil-Lisa: Ainterol

Lisia: Ainterol

Lled34aa: Ainterol

Luisa: Biovea

Marytay: Ainterol

Mochaccino: Ainterol

Mok217: Ainterol

MultipleFaces: Pueraraprem (=Siriporn) or purafem?

MydreamisGcup: Ainterol

Nila: Siriporn's PueraraCare-Breast Serum, switched to Ainterol spray

NotSoBusty: Ainterol

Nullmoon: Ainterol

Pansy Mae: Ainterol

Patriciatg2: Ainterol

Pippymilly: Ainterol

Prettymama: Ainterol

Rian.a: Biovea, switching to Purafem or Ainterol

Rosieli: Ainterol?

Run.rabbit: Ainterol or puerariamirifica.co.uk?

Salome83: Thanyaporn

Sfem: Ainterol

Shyfly: Thanyaporn

Soonenough: Siriporn? Thanyaporn

Stellapan: Ainterol

Sweetpea: Siriporn, Thanyaporn

Tigerveronica: Biovea

Valgal: Ainterol

WantMyBoobsBack: Ainterol?

Wishgranted: Ainterol

Zetafoo: Ainterol?
Mine is correct Isabelle. I will be starting the siriporn in about 7 days, when my new cycle starts, I also am starting robust cream tonight which I think it is important to keep up with who is using both the cream and pills or only one of them.

Thanks Mel,

I updated my off line list. I will update here in one or two weeks, with confirmations and corrections. And you're right: I will specify capsules, creams, serums, extracts, and powders separately.
Hi [b] Isabelle [/ b] I would like to know your opinion on this brand of Pueraria Mirifica is the brand Biovea, and are of 500mg, there is too much?, I have read of others who take 300mg, you think of the sale price?, how many boats to provide if I buy I use 1 or 2 would be better?, with a greeting! you pass the link to see ..
Hi Claudia,

Biovea is expensive: € 22.95 for 100 capsules of 500 mg. But the postage is only € 3.95 in Spain, and the delivery by UPS can't go wrong. Delivery is free for two or more bottles.

A capsule of 500 mg is the whole herb. Capsules of 200 or 300 mg are stronger, farmed varieties of PM that contain more miroestrol. Capsules of 100 mg are extracts that contain more miroestrol.

All capsules have the same effect. Try this schedule:

PM = Biovea pueraria mirifica
FG = alholva

Caps. PM FG
day 01 1 0 menstruation
day 02 1 0 menstruation
day 03 1 0 menstruation
day 04 1 0 menstruation
day 05 1 0 (menstruation)
day 06 2 0 (menstruation)
day 07 2 0
day 08 2 0
day 09 3 0
day 10 3 0
day 11 3 0
day 12 2 1
day 13 2 1
day 14 2 1 ovulation
day 15 2 1
day 16 2 2
day 17 2 2
day 18 2 2
day 19 2 2
day 20 2 3
day 21 2 3
day 22 2 3
day 23 2 3
day 24 1 2
day 25 1 1
day 26 1 1 Pre-Menstrual Tension
day 27 1 0 Pre-Menstrual Tension
day 28 1 0 Pre-Menstrual Tension

With this schedule, a bottle of 100 capsules is for two months.
Isabelle, thanks for answering and take away all the hassle, and I guess for you is a bit annoying, since I am Spanish and everything is different, prices and other ... I have seen that there is a diferecina twice as much money to buy MP in the United States to Spain, if ever ye looked at U.S. Web can be ordered from Spain, but it is not, is that a lot of money and looking better put the page you happen to be one 50capsulas, not 100 as placed on the packaging, misleading and expensive bone!. On the other hand do not know if I will come right FG, and I need to lose 4 kilos, felt a little fat, to see what I say. The link I've been through gives me error. The list I've made about taking the PM, have if I understand correctly, means that you start taking the first day of menstrual bleeding, no?, And for example the 9th I have to take 3 capsules PM? is that in the instructions you put two daily morning and evening with a glass of warm milk, sorry to bore you so many questions but I have many questions, thanks again, greetings!


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