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TigerLily--Fengshui massage Technique (Simplified)
Definitely adding this massage technique to my program Smile
(04-03-2010, 06:47 AM)jena Wrote: How much pressure are we suppose to apply to the breasts when massaging? Lightly pressing and brushing only?

Firm pressure, but not to the point that it hurts.
(19-04-2010, 07:33 PM)Anastasia916 Wrote: Flat to fab was written by someone who use to go on the forums, all the information in the book she got from the forums, so really you can learn all the info she talks about including massage from the old forum and the BE board. Her routine is on the BE board, and what I find crazy is she what she recommends to do for NBE in her book is not what she did in her own routine. Her original routine is on the BE board, she goes by Lucy on there. I forget her exact username on there though.

Good info on the massaging though girls, somethings I already do, others I didn't know to do so will try them.

Yea, I knew about the forums way before I knew about who she was. I find that interesting though...Perhaps she was trying to make the routine so it would fit all people by trying to make it as simple as possible instead of trying to tailor it to any one individual person.
Hi Cocolily! I'm very confuse on the knuckle pressure points. Because the direction from Fengshui message seems in different dorection, or I misunderstood? Lol, can you please make it clearer for me? And is it the pressure line is from nipple to outside or from outside to nipple?

And about the grab and slap. I often use both palms to slap and thumps to grab, is it all right like that or different?

Sorry I'm asking silly questions, but I'm new to nbe for a few days only, and hopefully get some direction from you :-X
Can anyone pass me a link where is shown the Tigerlily massage ? Thnx
Does anyone know if its okay to do massages while on period??
It is OK to massage and it will make the flow lighter.
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This is helpful because I am currently useing an enhancement cream. I am going to try this while applying and massaging it in. Thanks for the post!
I just tried this and breasts seem fuller because of it. I might start using this form of massage.
Hola, yo llevaba 1 año haciendo los masajes sin muchos resultados positivos, , empezo a dolerme mucho un pecho y lo deje, de eso hace ya unos 7 meses, pues sigo con ese dolor en el pecho, me duele en el lado derecho y encima de mi pezón...todo coincido cuando hice los ejercicios de masiado bruscos, a alguna de vosotros os ha pasado,gracias!


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