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Are some hypnosis better than others? I've been doing one for 6 weeks with no succes
Hi all
I'm feeling rather upset at the moment. I've been doing Blaketalks for the past 6 weeks. And for the past 2 weeks I've been listening to Steve G Jones' high speed subliminal recording.
With Blaketalks I sometimes feel a 'feeling' in my breast (sometimes whilst listening, other times just through the day doing my normal everyday things).
My breasts have not changed at all. I have just measured them and I seem to have LOST 1/2 inch. Although I may have measured wrong before I started, I just don't know.
I am now thinking of giving up, which I'm sad at, because I really wanted hypnosis to be the thing that worked for me.
I was wondering if some hypnosis are better than others, and to may be try somebody else's instead.
Does anybody know if some are better than others and will definately give you results.
Many thanks everyone.
I have no idea how you can listen to Blaketalks! I personally can't, not because it didn't work, but because I just plain don't like it and couldn't listen to it enough to find out if it worked.

A lot of people have had success with Rockmelon. It's a ringtone/short sound file that you listen too several times a day. It's not hypnosis, but it's supposed to trigger hormones in your body that makes your breasts swell. I listen to it occasionally, but I don't want to start a strict regimen with it because I read that the hormones it triggers are the same ones that cause lactating women to start producing milk whenever they hear a baby cry (the sound frequency of Rockmelon simulates that of a baby crying)...I'm a little paranoid that using Rockmelon too much might trick my breasts into prodoucing milk too, and I don't want that! The file is 30 seconds, but someone made a video of it playing 10 times in a row here. Some people say it works better if you space it out, so here's it playing just once if you want to do that. You're supposed to listen to it 20 times a day for 10 days, so try playing the long video twice a day or the short one 20 times a day for a while, and see if you feel anything. I always feel a little something afterwards, but like I said, I'm not consistent with it.

This is the track I use, and my breasts usually feel tingly afterwards similar to the feeling I get after a good massage. I'm definitely growing, but I don't know how much of it is from that and how much is from my PM massages. However, I'm not going to risk it by stopping! Try it out if Rockmelon doesn't work for you, or if you aren't interested in Rockmelon. It gets you you more relaxed than other stuff I've tried, which I think makes the messages "sink in" more.

In my opinion, I think everyone's minds work differently and so some people might be more receptive to certain hypnosis/subliminal programs. It doesn't have to mean that one is better than another overall, just that one might be better for how your mind and body are wired. I think any hypnosis works best when used with something else. If you see growth while using hypnosis/subliminal messages, you'll have more faith in whatever track you're listening to (even if the growth was partially from something else)... That positive reinforcement would make your mind more receptive to the messages and open the door for more growth. Kind of like the placebo effect: the subliminal messages will make you grow more because you believe they will. On the other hand, if you start to become convinced that you won't grow from them, your mind probably stops responding to the stimulation. It's just a hunch, but I think it makes sense.

So I guess it might depend on what else you're including in your NBE program. Are you taking herbs, PM, BO, etc? Maybe you could try adding a massage during or immediately before/after listening to a hypnosis track.

Sorry for the long post, but I hope it helped. Happy growing! Big Grin
Thank you. I don't want to try the ringtone because I've read that because it makes your boobs bigger cos of the crying baby and milk producing effect, once you stop there is a very good chance they will be go smaller than when you started, and I definately don't want that.

I'm not sure how to do massage, or which one to use, so if anyone can offer anything on this that would be great. But is massage permanent, ie: once you've got your size you can stop and they will stay that size?

I think I might try another hypnosis program and see if that can get into my mind and subconcious more, it may be just that Blaketalks just doesn't work for me, I can't believe it enough.

Or maybe I might listen to subliminals and maybe daytime affirmations, and NO hypnosis, but does anybody know if that would that have a permanent positive effect?

Thanks again
Hi djt-d
I think the problem with hypnosis is that you have to be really convinced that you want and deserve bigger breasts, otherwise your brain won´t trigger the changes you´re aiming for. I´ve been listening to the program of hypnoticbody.com (there are some threads about this program here at the hypnosis section) and they have a track that adresses any internal blockages you may have to attain the size you want. I found that it made a lot of sense when I listened to those, because it takes you back to the time when your boobs started growing and for many girls it feels a bit confusing at that moment. So I guess when mine started growing I wasn´t completely ready for it, and that´s why they didn´t grow as much.

I´ve also found that for me it´s sometimes a bit difficult to imagine myself with bigger boobs, which is a big part of the whole hypnosis method.
So what I do is I use a noogleberry and massage, and complement it with the mp3s. When I have time I also listen to blaketalks. I figure using a lot of different stimulus will help. When I´ve noogled and gotten my boobs to swell it´s much easier for me to imagine them growing (actually now that I´m seeing some progress with the NB and massage it is easier for me to follow the hypnosis imaginery).

Another thing is that it may take al lot longer than 6 weeks to see some real changes, I´d set my goal at 6 months. It´s also important not to think much about it, these changes occur at a different level of your brain. It´s like when you plant a seed; it will take it´s time to develop and if you unearth it to check if it´s growing alright, you´ll probably interrupt the whole process! So don´t worry, it may take a while but you´ll get there!


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