Ovary Failure-how do i grow my breast?


I got my periods from age 13.
But at the age of 15, periods stopped due to premature ovary failure.
So because of no supply of estrogen, My Breasts didn't grow. They are Flat.

At the age of 22, i got Cervical Cancer, coz of which one ovary was removed. And the one which is left is dead.

Now, I'm of 25, Still flat chested.

Please suggest me something to grow my breast.
I don't want to go for pill or cream or surgery, cant take risk as i already had cancer history.

Hi Freespirit,

sorry to hear about the medical issues.

Outside of creams, pills and surgery, here are the other options you can try:

Breast massage and exercise: Some popular ones are the chi massage, also chiyomilks massage. More info can be found in the breast massage and exercise, section of the forum.

Hypnosis: There are some free, breast enhancement hypnosis e.g blaketalks (you can get it from blaketalks.com). There is also the rockmelon ringtone.

Finally, you have suction devices e.g. noggleberry and brava. There is a section of the forum, devoted to suction devices. There is also a separate, noggleberry forum

Here is another, free, hypnosis, download. Blaketalks can be quite long. This is only 12 mins long and I find it to be quite, effective.


Hey Nila
Thanks a tonn
I have noted everything and will go forward with that, will get back to you if i have any doubt Smile

You're welcome.

Oh, something I just remembered ... there is also skin brushing. This is when you brush fat from you abdomen, waist, back, arms etc (with your hands) and channel them into your breast.

Here is chiyomilk's youtube channel. She demonstrates her massage techniques as well as skin brushing


After the skin brushing, she would wear a bradelis bra (any good bra will do) to keep the collected fat in the breast. As you do this over time, the fat will come to stay, permanently in the breasts.

You can also read this thread where the discuss her program, extensively and translate her blog, which is in japanese.


Sorry to hear about your conditions. You need to be extra carefull for any medication that you wish to take on NBE. Suggest you always consult a doctor before proceed to take any herbs, pills or creams.

Without pills, creams, etc. Other than exercises, hypnosis, massage, etc. You can also adjust your diet to eat booby friendly foods. There are threads upon threads on here somewhere about how to grow with just changing the way you eat, I think that would also be a safe alternative for you. I never had ovary failure (thank goodness) but I also had Cervical Cancer, and I did go on herbs, BO, etc. and my cancer has never came back. But with your condition being worse than mine, I can understand why you would want to be extra careful. I hope you find something that works for you!

Thanks Anastasia, Janice, and Nila for reply

I've already consulted my Doc for breast enlargement, she just says that i should be thankful and feel lucky that i still look beautiful being flat chested and i look much better than what i was before i underwent chemo n all Dodgy

But will consult once again...

And i will go through Herbs section

Thanks guyz for support >Big Grin<

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