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CocoLily's Program Page
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 137/138ish lbs (trying to get to 135, so I am going to do that before I start buying herbs)

Starting Measurements:
Under bust: 29''
Bust: started at 34"
Upper bust : 32''
Waist: 26''
Hips: 38''

Current Size: 34B (not a full one though, I can't fit into A bras or 32B bras, but I can't fill out my 34 B bra unless I make the straps really short). I feel like I am somewhere between a B and A cup.

Starting November 1, 2009:

* Do Tigerlily/Fengshui massage technique:

1) Use knuckles to make circles on breasts (20 times for each breast)

2) Use palms alternatively to slap and grab breasts (50 times for each breast)

3) Use both hands to "claw" breasts from outside up to nipple (20 times each)

4) Squeeze breasts 10 times after taking off bra (before bed)

5) Hold left breast up with left hand and massage upper part of breast with right hand and vice versa for right breast (20 motions on top of breast)

6) Using knuckles to pressure points (arrow points indicated direction of the knuckles)

(20 times for each boob)

>U< (20 times for each)

(20 times for each)

U+U (use thumb knuckle for pressure point between breasts-20 times)

+ +

(use thumb knuckle for pressure points under breasts-20 times)

Massage with the following oils: Jojoba oil, and my own mixture of Emu oil (dad has loads of it in the basement), Evening Primrose Oil, Saw Palmetto Extract, Fenugreek extract (I think, I made this concoction a white ago). Possibly another type of filler oil such as grape seed or almond oil. I am probably going to make another oil, so I'll post more accurate ingredients then.

I will start hypnosis tonight and try that for a little while.
Update! Well...not really since I've just started my program Tongue but I've already started to have dreams about boobs, I guess this is a sign that my subconscious is sucking up the information from my hypnosis mp3. I am doing the free Blake Talk's CDs.

The website where I got the hypnosis tapes:

Revising my measurements:

Upper: 33.5''
Full: 32.5''
Under: 29''

I think these measurements are more accurate. Also I apparently fill out one of my 34B bras? So perhaps it differs from bra to bra.

Foods for my program:

I am a vegetarian so I am making sure to get a lot of protein and healthy fat into my diet.

Soy Milk
Fruits (apples, tangerines, pineapples)
Vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, green beans)
Ice cream made from coconut milk with almonds (no dairy, no soy)--this is just for a treat Smile

Trying to eat mostly alkaline foods versus acid foods, which are healthier for you.
Adding Saw Palmetto and Fenugreek Tea to regimen.
I don't really like this thread rating thing... It's a bit discouraging...I am going to document my breast growth in my own personal journal. So far I have had some growth and my breasts feel perkier! I have ordered the green bush herbs and will be adding that to my regimen.

This will be the last entry that I make at this fourm. Good luck to all of you and your success.

Peace Smile
I'm not a huge fan of the rating thing either. I've noticed that even some of our most popular threads sometimes have really bad ratings and it has led me to wonder if some of our so called unregistered guest are clicking and giving bad ratings just for their own jollies. I've gotten to where I ignore the ratings because they don't really seem to reflect how I feel about a thread or for that matter the way it looks to me others might feel about that thread.
Please don't let people that instead of having the guts to post and identify themselves with their negative thoughts choose to go through hitting poor ratings buttons secretly, run you off.

Amen to that, just4fun! I've seen some bad ratings for decent threads myself. I personally don't think the ratings are necessary. The # of views or posts would be enough. It would be nice if we can opt out of the thread rating. Rolleyes

coco, you shouldn't let people--namely the guests--discourage you like that. This is your program. It's what you believe will work for you. I know IDC if people aren't fond of mine, I'm doing what works for me. They don't know my body like I do. Tongue

Anyways, hope you reach your goal!
I hate the ratings thing.

Have you seen any results in your program, pre sawpal (saw palmetto) and fenugreek team with the massages alone vs. the newer program additions?


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