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HypnoticBody Hypno Program
except with CD6, the CDs are not meant to 'put you to sleep'.

Wandering off is no problem, and occasional sleep is unavoidable, but if you are falling asleep too often, your mind may be trying to ignore the suggestions or you're simply too tired to take more information in.

I know its difficult to add a 30min session every day at a time when you're alert enough to welcome the relaxation, but without falling asleep.

If you like coffee or tea, you can drink this before you do your relaxation. Your body will still relax, but your mind will remain alert.

Please avoid drinks that contain: Glucose/fructose or sucrose just before you start, it will cause your mind to 'crash' between 10 and 15 min into the program... that will send you right to sleep. A glass of milk or soy is perfect for a mind work-out.

Try it!


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