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How to Grow Hair Faster? Hair Growth Program
(28-03-2017, 01:29 AM)MissEllen Wrote:
(17-03-2017, 01:28 AM)sweetorange Wrote: -Coconut oil twice weekly up to 8h
- Avoid heat
- Wash your hair up to 3 days weekly
- invest in a good shampoo and conditioner , best 0 paraben
- Change shampo and conditioner once it's over = i.e hydrating shampoo , then strength shampo. Also mix the conditioners, i.e one day hydrating one next day color-protector one ( I do have 3 conditioners at the same time that can last bout 8 months)
- eat properly
- don't smoke
- don't drink alcohol
- drink plenty of water
- multvits twice a year
- eat healthily 
- use argan oil in your scalp twice a month
- chop off your hair 3 times every year (healing the endings)
- don't wash your endings every single time you decide to take a shower.
- biotin tablets for 3 months per year

Ok, out of all threads, I feel like I have to reply on this one Smile
I just measured for you guys:
My hair is 91 cm long (35.8 inch)

and super healthy!

These tips sweetorange gave are really awesome! I would stand by them, and actually do almost of these myself.

Also the Inversion method is amazing, as told here before. Look up on youtube how to do it.
Besides that, buy a spider head massager, it is the best, and so relaxing.

To prevent damage, buy microfiber cloth and only dry with that after you have washed with that.

Airdry your hair with a cooling fan, if you want to speed up the drying process a little. But never use heat!

Next, one of my biggest secrets: buy a satin pillow case. At least 8 hours a day you spend breaking your hair on a cotton pillowcase when turning while asleep. Satin doesn't do that to you.

Also, don't go to your hairdresser more than once a year. I haven't gone to one in years, and it looks superhealthy. Buy hairdresser scissors and while watching tv or anything, grab a section of hair and go through each of them and cut out the individual hairs that are broken.

If your hair is super damaged or you really feel you need a haircut. Buy aPhogee two step protein treatment, and you'll see after you are done, you don't need a haircut anymore Smile
I use it every 2 months

I am sure there are some more things I do for my hair that I just can't think of now. But this should get you started.

Love, Ellen

Oh and added bonus: satin pillow case also gives you less wrinkles and acne

I've heard wonderful things about Aphogee shampoos btw but I don't know why we don't have the brand available in Spain! Wish I could give it a try!

Yes, going to the hairdresser can be dramatic but you have to chop off the hair for healing the endings, that's why I wrote 3 times per year (every 4 months more or less) what I do is use a hair-cutter when I want to chop off a big piece (cause my hair is 94cm long a bit more than you hehe) and the hairdresser scissors when I just want to cut my endings a bit.

I forgot the best tip ever!!! DON'T DYE your hair more than twice in a year. It grows faster when you stop dying it every f* single month  Big Grin mine grew up 7cm in two months 3 years ago when I stopped dying it. Now I just dye it in summer for being Pocahontas Big Grin Big Grin (i.e black hair + super tanned)

P.S: Oh I didn't know the spider-head massager can be good for this too, I'll give a try!

Thanks Ellen!


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