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Question about Blaketalks
Hey everyone! I have been listening to Blaketalks for probably two weeks or so now. The first few sessions I could listen to and stay awake. However, ever since I have been on the later ones, I really do feel like I go into a "trance" early on but fall asleep shortly after. Do you think I will still have benefits if I keep falling asleep? Does anyone know a way I can stay awake through it? Thanks! Smile
I've also noticed that often I wake up as the session ends, so maybe there is hope?Huh
Hi Hopingforthebest! I don't do Blaketalks; but I've been doing Steve G. Jones' nighttime recordings for a month now. And I too was able to stay awake during the first few nights; now I get into that really relaxed state pretty early on, fall asleep, then wake up at the end. I've been avidly studying hypnotherapy and reading his books and stuff; and it seems that you and I are actually successfully entering the Theta state of consciousness, and possibly even Delta, while listening to our recordings. The first state is Beta, which is when you're fully conscious; like how we are when we're awake during the day. The next state is Alpha, which is the state of light hypnotic trance. We go in and out of this state at different times during the day; while watching TV, being on the computer a long time, playing video games, reading a book, driving for a long time. Outside stimuli doesn't really distract you; but you are still able to react and make decisions. Your subconscious mind is 200 times more open to suggestions during this state than in the Beta state. Theta is next, which is when you're alseep. And Delta is when you're in a deep sleep. So, by the fact that you are getting really relaxed early on in the session, then falling asleep during it, and waking up near the end, I'd say you are responding well to hypnosis. Again, I don't have Blaketalks, so I don't know exactly what he says on those recordings; but if my similar response to the Steve G. Jones ones is any indication, in addition to what I've learned about hypnosis in general, I'd be very encouraged if I were you! Follow up with LOTS of positive thoughts during the day; and imagine yourself with larger breasts every chance you get.

Rest assured, though; falling asleep during a session is fine! Your body may be sleeping, but your ears are always "awake;" and they will continue to register every word on your recording. Smile I personally would rather be "asleep" during the recording than awake; because then my conscious mind can't try to contradict the words.

I hope this helped!
Thanks Twister_Mama!
The information you provided on the different states is fascinating! I think I'm gonna start researching hypnotherapy too because I just find it all very interesting how your mind can influence so many changes. I am also glad to hear that it sounds like I am entering a deeper trance! I was wondering if it was possible I wasnt really "sleeping" because I would pretty much always wake up at the end of the session. Thanks so much for your input! I definitely feel encouraged to stay in the hypnosis direction.
Also, how are the Steve Jones talks? Do you enjoy them? Have you seen results?
Yes, hypnotherapy is really fascinating! I really enjoy listening to Steve G. Jones. His voice is so soothing. I listen to his Platinum Breast Enlargement recording, which is one hour long. The relaxation visualization he uses at the beginning is you on the beach on your own private island; walking among the palm trees; lying in a hammock. This is like my ideal paradise; so it works well for me! Big Grin

As far as results, I have definitely gained more fullness in the past month that I've been listening to him than I have in the past six months before listening to him. I have stopped all my NBE pills and supplements to take a month-long break. I've been off all my pills and stuff for two weeks now; and I continue to have various aches, tingles, and soreness. Plus a little more fullness. I'm a believer in hypnosis!!!

Good luck with your NBE journey! Smile
I too am listening to Blaketalks. Today will be my 11th day. The first week I was awake (felt normal and concious, not in a trance state, although felt relaxed), and the last three ones I've fallen asleep (on and off), but like you I am awake near the end.
But last night I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 1/2 hour after it had finished. I therefore don't know if I was hypnotised because wouldn't I have woken up from my sleep at the end? Does anybody know if it is normal not to wake up at the end of a session.
Many thanks
I have been listening to Blake Talks. I started last friday and today my boobs are fuller! Even my friend has said, "You look bigger!" I am so excited!! Will continue to do Blake Talks, Steve G. Jones, and Boobster, along with taking my herbs and drinking my soy milk =)

Happy Growing to everyone! =)


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