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What a subject! Problem is, I am always getting it - like monthly or so. I have tried probiotics and biogel (an acidic gel you put 'up there') but still it comes back.

The thing that really bugs me is that frequently I have virtually no symptoms, then my o/h announces he has thrush again, and low and behold a couple of days later I realise I have it again.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I am getting pretty fed up with it. Anyone else have this problem or am I the only one in the world?!

Thank you all

I don't mean to sound ignorant, but what is thrush? UTI? yeast infection?

It sounds like your DH is the carrier if he announces he has it first then a few days later you get it.

The thing with probiotics is that, taking them here and there doesn't keep it from coming back. Probiotics are a commitment, AND knowing which probiotics to use is the biggest key. Each brand has different strands of bacteria in them and each strain effects different things. Some strains that target yeast are, lactobacillus fermentum, and lactobacillus rhamnosus. I realize that you can go to any pharmacy and find on their shelves packaged probiotics, I'm just going to say that I wouldn't waste my money on them for a couple of reasons. 1. they are sitting on a shelf at room temperature. 2. they are such small doses even if the bacteria is still alive after sitting at room temp like these companies claim, there wouldn't be enough for a candida issue.

You need to get your probiotcs one of two places, a local vitamin store that has them in a cooler, or online from a place that has them in a cooler and ships them with cold packs. Here are the two reasons to do that, the bacteria in probiotics are in a sort of suspended state when kept cold. once introduced to the stomach and a temperature increase they wake up and get to work. If they are woke up in packaging, they die quickly due to lack of food. It doesn't do you much good to get dead bacteria. The second reason is the amounts. The room temp packaged type you get over the counter typically only goes up to around 1- 5 million CFU. If you have any type of health issue you really need 15 billion or higher CFU's. I know many people that probiotics have done wonderful things for, when they finally found the right ones. My mother buys her from a company in Europe, that makes one with 400 billion CFU's for people with colitis. She has now been in remission for 1 year for the first time in 20 years. A good friend of ours developed yeast all over her body and after weeks of the doctors giving her creams and pills, she finally called me and asked me what to do. I sent her to get a high dose and she was clear in 3 days. I myself am a user and huge fan of them also for almost 2 years now. I had yeast and vaginal infections so bad I was getting desperate. I had never had problems and suddenly I couldn't stop getting them. I tried probiotics and was clear in a week. I will warn you though for anyone that is dealing with yeast, when you finally take the right amount of the right stuff, chances are high that you will suffer something called die off, which usually comes in the form of profuse mucous beginning to pour from the nose within about 30 minutes of taking your first dose sometimes. This can last for about 5 to 7 days depending on how badly you were invaded by yeast. Don't worry though, you won't feel like you have a cold. See, the problem that most people don't realize is that candida loves the sinuse cavities. It's warm, it's moist and it's dark. In other words, the perfect hideout when you've been trying to treat it. The good news is that it can't hide there from probiotics!

The last thing I want to say is that whatever route you decide to try to stop the thrush, your husband really needs to do it with you. Taking the right stuff won't help you much if you can't get your husband to take it as well, because he'll just keep introducing it to you. Yes, if you stay on the high dose probiotics chances are you won't get it very often, if any, but there is really no sense in getting rid of it in one and not the other.

Okay so I was right, my first thought was yeast infection, I googled it. Never heard it called thrush before. And wow itsjust4fun! the things you learn on a BE forum! I never knew yeast infections could get that bad! I use to get them when I was little due to using the wrong kind of soap, I'm allergic to certain ingredients, but the pills the doctor gave me always got rid of it within a couple days. I never heard of it being all over the body or in the sinuses.

Everyone always some amount of candida(yeast) in their bodies at all times, and different things can lead to it overtaking and becoming a problem. Hormones, stress, ph levels in the body, and not enough good bacteria to fight it off. In the old days before the over the counter creams women got rid of it douching with vinegar and water mixes. Just to know for future reference, while the over the counter stuff is great, you will get rid of it faster the old fashion way, or if you have a stubborn one it will work when no other will.

While thrush is candida it's a bit different than what you are thinking of as your typical yeast infection. You can have thrush and NOT have a vaginal yeast infection. Babies tend to get it really often especially nursing babies. My oldest did and therefore I ended up with yeast in my nipples that made the skin fall off in sheets... sooo painful and brought breast feeding to an end quick.

Alot of people have an over growth of yeast and don't have a clue about it because of where it set up shop. Someone that has chronic sinus infections or allergies, may actually not have those things but have candida instead. A simple treatment to the body and the days of sinus infections might well be a thing of the past for a handful of lucky folks.

It's a really common thing that most people have effecting them in some way or another, but don't have a clue. I think at the least everyone should just do a candida cleanse at some point just to see what symptoms they can get rid of that they may be contributing to something else. you just never know.

Hmm interesting, also when I was little I had bad sinuses, now and then I get a sinus infection, but get a prescription and it goes away. What kind of cleanse would you suggest for it if it's in the sinus cavity though? I've used purified water and vinegar douche after every period since I was 14. So I do use those. I'm a bit of a clean freak when it comes to my body.

You have two options. You can go the herbal route and get one of the actual Candida Cleanses, which I have never heard whether they really work well or not. I don't know anyone that's used one before, or you can get you a bottle of probiotics and take a cycle of them. They are really good for you and something that I reccommend keeping in your fridge constantly anyway. Because they come in handy to have if you catch a intestinal bug. They will shorten how long it takes to recover. Here is the brand I get

you can use any brand as long as it's kept cold and it says it has around 20 billion CFU's. That's what I would reccommend looking for. The one above has 35 billion and I know it works for yeast really ood.

Your not alone i got it every month for about 8 months and couldnt figure out why but altho i still get it its much better, I seem to get it whenever i take anti biotics too. I went to docs about it which was a complete waste of my time as she couldnt care less Sad


Antibiotics are a leading culprit in causing yeast problems. They work great for killing the bad stuff, BUT they also kill the good stuff, so when you come off them if the enviroment is right and the good starts coming back a little slower than say the yeast then you have a problem. When I was on Chemo a few months back and had got an infection, my doctor asked me to eat alot of yogurt while on them. I laughed and said, can I just take probiotics instead? She was so thrilled I knew what it was and said yes, even better! So even the medical field is beginning to understand sometimes the solution is something simple and healthy for you.

Thank you.

I really appreciate the time and effort people have gone to in responding to me.

One more thing I would like to ask.

The anti-candida diet says vinegar is a no no due to yeastiness. However it is considered a good thing to douche with cyder vinegar. Does the acidity counteract the yeastiness in this case?

Thanks for the tip on which type of probiotics, itsjustfor....

Also, can you insert probiotics topically into the vagina?

Thankyou ladies. x

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