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Loss of appetite
Hey girls,

I am having a difficult time eating at the moment which is NOT good for NBE. I am loosing weight (and boobs) and look like a skeleton and it is starting to take a toll on my selfesteem. I try to eat but I feel so sick while trying to eat because I have absolutley no appetite. (No I am not pregnant). But I still force myself and still I am loosing weight. I know I have a fast metabolism so I am trying to slow it down by eating bigger and fewer meals but that just makes me more sick.

I was wondering if you knew any remedies for increasing appetite and maybe suggest foods that go down easier. Any suggestions would be appriciated.
Hi, I don't think you should force it. Your body is trying to tell you something - maybe you're stressed, sick? Listen to yourself and eliminate the problems, not just the consenquences! If you're too busy or stressed out - do relaxation in the evenings, support yourself with Mg and vitanis (especially B). You can always have protein shakes, they work for me when I'm too busy.[/align]


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