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Milani's program (wonderup)
I still havnt put my program on here from the old forum so heres the link


Hey girl! Are you aware of this? http://www.breastenlargementcoach.com/zo...ement-gum/

Saw it and just wanted to make sure...
It's o.k.
she really took Zoft Gum.
From Mililani's Program - "i have now decided to keep my records on here rather than paper Smile
(previously took 2x zoft gum daily for 3 months)"
Also on her pictue page you can see that she wrote that she has before pictures (befor taking WU) and after taking zoft.
No Eva, I don't think it's ok, but Milani will say, they are saying her name is Roxanne on that site and that those pics are the before and after for only 1 month of zoft, but I believe the "after" pic is one of her afters from WU!!! So they ARE trying to deceive people I think.
oooo....Anastasia...I didn't see what was writen on the site! rrrr... you are probably right!
That is not right!!!! Why people to such a thing?! If I was Milani I would sue those people that are using my pictures on their site!
WOAH! Milani, unless you really are Roxanne...you should absolutely do something about this. I would be livid!

Maybe it's 'cuz my Dad's a lawyer...but I would learn towards legal action. They deserve it. Angry
wow i wasnt aware of this...... not sure what i think or where i stand on the matter? they definately didnt get permission and just used a fake name. My pics are just posted on the net tho for anyone to see so does that give them the right to use them??

That is my zoft gum results but i took them for three months not one like they said.

No, they are your pics and they do NOT have the right to use them unless granted permission, they owe you royalties because using your pics brings them sales, period. That's why these companies give women free product for good before and after pics! Or they pay them for them. I would definitely look into legal action. But being a marketer and knowing some about websites/internet/etc usually you need a copyright also for pictures or other content, even words if plagiarized... if you have a copyright you can sue. But it doesn't hurt to contact a lawyer and find out where you stand!
well should i just try ask them to remove them first??
If you want, but I'm sure they have made money off of using your pics without your permission. I highly doubt they will remove them, but it's worth a shot.


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