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help on facebook!
hi i joined this contest for nursing review center

do you think u can get your friends to like this account's main page and photo?


pelase lets help
click the link and like the page, then the pic
hope u can help spread the word!
most of us are not on here for nursing.like i have 3 kids so im not trying to nurse anymore.but i am sure there are some who are.so good luck with your sight
Nope, not a chance. That isn't what this board is about.

this thread says any other subject. i wouldnt post on an NBE thread.
Hi Brielle. I would be happy to go over and like that page for you. And you are quite correct. The other subject section is for other subjects that people want to talk about.
My mistake. I forgot which one I was on. sorry.
I liked it Wink


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