Boobie batter without olive oil?


I tried searching through the different boards, but I really couldn't find too much on a massage oil that doesn't contain EVOO (or isn't just lotion with fenugreek in). I prefer to sleep with my massage oil on overnight but it's starting to making me break out on my chest something fierce! I use EVOO mixed with some flax oil and some EPO but I'm almost 100% that EVOO is the culprit. I've read that emu oil penetrates quite deeply but I couldn't find too much info on emu oil here. Also heard that jojoba oil and coconut oil are good but I'm not sure where to find those.

Has anyone made a massage oil without EVOO and had success? I really think that the massage+oil is doing wonders for my BE BUT I don't want zitty titties either. Dodgy

Any advice is appreciated. Big Grin

I believe cocoa butter massage oil contains jojoba in it. The one by Palmers. I however mixed vitamin e oil, fenugreek capsule and wild yam cream together. Not sure if my info is helpful. I have a huge headache so if I don't make sense, I'm sorry. I will explain it later if that be the case.

I think it's probably the flax oil that's causing your breakouts because olive oil is non comedogenic and is actually safe to use even on your face.

Hm, interesting! I have actually just started to wash my chest every morning and I believe that it's helping. I'll deal with a couple little bumps for new new boobs.

Oils have natural fatty molecules. Your skin is a filter. It will only let the oils go to a certain level in the skin. Breakouts happen because the skin is over loaded in these fatty molecules. Yes you can use olive oil on your face but just think if you left it on for a few days you would break out.

Looking for a non-EVOO massage oil to prevent breakouts. Any recommendations?

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