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relationship without passion-what do you thin
One friend of mine is abotu 3 years with her boyfriend and she told me that she doesn't like having sex any more with her boyfriend but is doing for him. In my opinio it is soo lame she is lying him and herself. I think that she is still with him maybe for his money or some other USE else but not form love.
I think she is not good friend to me since he lies her boyfriend
Maybe she is just bored of the sex position? I think it might be better if they try something different? I mean there are a lot more things to do than boy on top girl on bottom. I mean there are toys, you can listen to music, you can change the environment.

Also it's not like you have sex with someone everyday. Sure when you start out a relationship you might, but if your actually living together, it's usually like once or twice a week. You could go more, but after a while you like to make something special out of the moment, and don't want to do it constantly.

If she is not in love with the guy, that is another story. She could just be scared to leave or feel like it is a waste of her time if she leaves. My last ex, I was with for 2 years and didn't want to split because I thought it would be a waste. But I really didn't love him anymore and we just went our separate ways.
Just a thought, is your friend using the birth control pill? I was on Yasmine and it totally killed my libido. I only had sex with my boyfriend for him and I felt horrible. My libido went back to normal a few months after I stopped using it but it did ruin my relationship.
I recently went through something like that. I was with the same guy for almost 5 years until we broke up at the end of 2009. About 3 years in, things started to get kinda stale (plus we were only 18/19, crazy!), at least for me. However, I stayed with him because I loved him but also because I didn't know how to live life without him. When you're with someone for so long, it's hard to picture life without them and it's kind of scary too. Unless she really is staying with him just for the money, then she's not a bad person. She's just going through a typical relationship.
I've been in the same relationship since I was about 15 and now I'm 18. That's a long time to be with someone, and after awhile the "fire" definitely dies down. It doesn't always mean that all the love and passion is gone, it just means things need to be spiced up a little. Sometimes, sex seems boring to me too. That just means it's time for some variety. You can't just accuse your friend of being a bad girl friend.
I hate to break this to all of you but while sex is important in a relationship, it isn't the sole reason you are together. You are together because you are in love, not lust. What would happen if he had the prostrate removed and could not perform at all? Very simple, you make do the best you can. That sounds to me like what she is doing. She isn't interested but she cares enough for her boyfriend to take the time and effort to keep him satisfied and happy. Wow, what a loving girl she is. A relationship can be very happy with very little sex. Once or twice a week? Try once a month, if that. How she pleases him is up to the two of them. If they are happy, that is all that counts. We can have all the opinios we want but the only one that matters is theirs. Personally, I wish them the best of luck and happiness.


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