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My friend drinks too much. Lately she completely looses memory of the nights before. I am worried for her. She said she won't drink again but I don;t think she could do that easily. Anoter friend doesnt care so I am on my own. What should I do
How old are you and your friend? If you're under 18, perhaps you should tell an adult like her parents or someone you trust that can do something about it. Otherwise, there's nothing you can really do besides encourage her to either get help or stop drinking so much. Easier said than done, but you're her friend and maybe you'll know how to get through to her better than anyone else.
You can nag her if you like. But I think she will learn her lesson in her own time. Once you've had so many hang overs and strange happenings you learn how to drink responsibly.

The least you can do is make sure she is safe when she is drinking. Like make sure who she is hanging out with won't take advantage of her, or if she will try to drive after drinking.

I only drink when I'm around people I can trust which is usually family or close friends. If I'm at a party, I try not to go too crazy... if I get a random thought like "where am I again" or "what am I talking about?" then I stop because I know I've had too much then...


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