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Zoom whitening
I heard it hurts. I'm kind of a baby Tongue so i was wondering if any of you had it and would you recommend it?
I never heard of it before I looked it up just now, but it looks like it's really expensive and the reviews I saw said it's really painful and not worth it. I had Crest Whitestrips and they worked pretty well (I bought them because they were on clearance and wasn't expecting much). I only used them for a few days and it whitened my teeth a few shades.

Have you tried whitening strips you buy at the store, yet? They might take a little more time, but they're the cheapest and most painless way, I think.
Well it was a special deal which is why i wanted it bc i would nvr pay full price! Too expensive! but after reading the reviews I decided I was not tough enough for the pain being described haha.

I have tried white crest strips and didn't notice any difference so I'm looking into dentist stuff

Thanks nyx!
Ooh, okay. Good luck!


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