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He guys!Wink
I found one guy on facebook that I know a little from past and I like him.
What should you think I should do, like his statuses or what? I would really like to get to know him beter. maybe he likes me too, but he needs positive sign from me.
I hope you can help
Have fun
Send him a fb message! Say something along the lines of haven't seen/talked to you in awhile, ask him what hes been up to, and how it would be good to catch up Wink
thanks, but i Knew him just a little, I remember talking to him just a little, by the way I haven't seen him in years..
Okay, you´ll have to be a little creative and find some excuse to mail him. You could look at his favourites - say if he likes some band, join that group too and then you can write him something along the likes of "oooh weren´t you so and so? I never knew you liked this band too!" Or perhaps you have some friend in common you can ask him about?
Also, take a look at how many friends he has on his list. If he has a lot (more than 300 orso), chances are he´ll accept a friend request from you, even if he doesn´t know you that well.
I once mailed a guy on fb, I had a crush on him when I was 14 and we actually never even spoke. I just asked him "weren´t you on such and such school once?" I got a very nice reply, he was like "ooh right, I remember your face" though I think he had no idea, haha. Anyway, it did get kinda flirty (the issue of meeting in real life didn´t show up because we´re living in different continents) but the idea is to try not to appear like you´re stalking him, only like you´re being friendly.


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