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Adding Progynova
Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone had tried taking Progynova and Spironolactone to help Bountifulbreast/Transfemme work better. The way Im thinking if I ad Progynova 2mg it should help boost my level of Estogen in my body. Also adding Spironolactone (Anti-Androgen) to lower Testosterone. Should if it work the way it should would help boost everything up. Let me know what you think?
Hi breastman, what you are talking about are forms of H.R.T and they are not a natural product that people use in there NBE routines, i think if thats the route you want to take then try a transgender forum and see what they say about these.Also if you do choose to take either or both of them i would seriously go to a specialist as they can be very dangerous and you will need to be checked on a regular basis for clots and other serious problems. xxxx
Hi Cheryl,
I want to thank you for your feed back your reply means alot to me. Since you seem to know what you are doing I take it very seriously! I guess I am just surfing the web to much about all of this. LOL I guess in a way there is to much info out there. I think it is just that I want them to grow as fast as they can and dont want to wait. I know this is the wrong way to think. Its just info overload. I want to thank you for getting back on the right track. I will stay away from those type of things and stay the course with the NBE way.
Thanks again,
Hi Breast man, dont worry i can relate to wanting to grow as fast as possible, but its a long process and i have been very lucky with what i wanted but i also got alot i did not want due to my hormones, and if its just breasts you want then NBE is worth trying, just be patiant and read alot on the old forum thats at the bottom of the page, and i agree there is alot of info but unless your a transexual under medical care stay away from HRT or female hormone pills and patchs, it can really mess you up if its not what you want and it can be very dangerous. Good luck. xxxx


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