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Hi everyone, sorry this is abit of an unusual post but has anyone else noticed alot of new members posting stupid responses and having tons of links in there signiture at the bottom, this is really starting to bug me, i have a link to my forum in my signiture but i asked Eve and got her permission and it is breast related atleast but some of these links are really stupid. Is this just me being stupid or has anyone else noticed lol abit of a daft thing to post about i know but its really bugging me lol.
Hugs Cheryl xxxx
I notice the same thing as well. There are another way to spam the forum so I usually will report it as spam cause they write replies that are non-related and trying to get members to click on their link by luck.

I say report them and get those replies remove!
I'm a newbie myself, but I have noticed this. I actually reported a post the other day for being an obvious troll/spammer. Very annoying. Dodgy


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