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Making Decision: Surgery or Therapeutic Treatment?
Let's say you have osteoarthritis - probably the most frequent disorder of muscular system. It is often treated with a surgical procedure to clean out debris in the joint, using a miniature scope inserted straight into the knee. However more and more researches point out fact that the surgery works, but no better than other treatments. Dr. Kalousek is a rheumatologist from Spa-resorts.cz emphasizes - surgery doesn't stop the arthritic process.

For example American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) persuades patients to consider physical therapy as an alternative non-surgical option for treatment of osteoarthritis.

Doctor Kalousek confidences that beside therapeutic spa treatments everyone can protect own joints from osteoarthritis or for sure slow its progression simply by following recommendations:

-Reduce weight. Just remember that every pound lost reduces the load exerted on the knee for each step by four pound.

-Be active. Exercise strengthens the muscles around joints, which can stop cartilage from wearing down.

-Stay straight. Good posture protects the neck, back, hip and knee joints.

-Don't stay immobile when sitting. Switching positions can reduce joint and muscle stiffness.

-Lift cautiously. Use your strongest & biggest joints and muscles when carrying & lifting to avoid straining smaller joints.

-Break it up. Rest between periods of heavy activity to avoid repetitive stress on joints that can accelerate wear and tear.

In other words therapeutic treatment is a good alternative of surgical operation in many cases!


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