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What will work for sagging breasts?
Hi all!

I'm hoping for some guidance.

I'm only 20 and already have sagging empty looking breasts. It doesn't help that my areola are huge (larger than a coke can in diameter) as the thin skin makes the breasts even less firm.

Without a bra on my breasts sit maybe an inch and a half off my chest. Though I wear I size 34 C - 32 D bra.

I currently weigh around 138 Lbs, after loosing around 30 Lbs and being rather plump all through my teens.

I have a noogleberry that I use every other day for about an hour in the evening.

I have also been taking ultra breast for 4 months.

I notice a more plump look and fit my bra better immediately after using the noogleberry, though this soon fades.

I have not yet noticed a change from taking the ultra breast.

I do not necessarily want to increase my cup size, I just wish to fill out what is already there. I look at photos on this site of girls with smaller firmer breasts and can't help but feel envious Smile

If anybody has any suggestions that would be fantastic!

Also if anybody knows of anybody that has had success firming up sagging breasts that would also be great, especially if you know what they found success with.

P.S Apart from turning up the air-conditioning, does anybody know of a way to keep nipples erect?
I have not used Nipout but I did read a post somewhere that it works but just can't remember where. I think you should go to daily use of the Noogleberry to get better results. That seems to be the general concensus here on the board that daily use is best.
Thanks Wishful! I checked out Nipout, it looks interesting, as does their breast gel. I have ordered some and I'll see how it works and report back. It sounds as though it will have a similar effect to menthol, playing with how the body interprets temperature sensations.

I guess I have been a little worried that I'll stretch my skin even further with the noogleberry, so I've been cautious about using it daily.
Hi Pix.
Noogling takes time. The more time you spend usually means the sooner the swelling starts to stay. Upping the frequency of your sessions could help.
There may be something else for you to look at.
It is possible to have breast development and firming from just massgae alone. Massage of the breast tissue increases the blood flow in the breast. From what I have read. The lymphatic system can develop blockages. These blockages can allow buildup of toxins (which can breakdown tissue) that it supposed to be removing. So increased blood flow (more oxygen to tissues) is a good thing. Massaging your breasts can open up these blockages and aid in flushing the tissues. So it is a good idea to do it for general breast health. One other advantage is that massaging your breast can increase its firmness. Yes, some of that is swelling that does go down. But, I have read it reported that there is growth also occuring. In this case you are looking for lift wich you would get as the tissue fills out.

There are many types of masage out there. I have read of techniques that work, from the head to the breast, to flush the lymph system. From nipl to outer breast to flush the lymph system in the breast.
Hydro therapy is another form of massage tha you can do in the shower. The idea is similar to the James Bond shower. Hot water followed by alternating with the cold. Just turn the water up as hot as you can stand it. Then reverse and go as cold as you can stand it. I don't measure the time I spend. I love a good long hot shower anyway. There is much information on the net. I say just do what feels good to you. Afterwards you should feel refreshed and more alert.

Check out this thread. My post is no 5. In it are the links to tigerlilys massage and diet program. The thread is a good read as it covers excersises to help with breast lifting. Building up the muscles of the chest would give you a higher base and tighten the ligaments and connective tissue of the breast itself.
Hope this helps. Let us know how the chemical products work.
I hate to be the barer of bad news... but I checked out the nipout site and their breast enhancement products... you didn't read the ingredients hun, this is why it's best not to make instant decisions to buy something without checking it out first! Nipout has fennel in it, the bust serum and their pill product has fenugreek, SP, and other NBE herbs. You said you are taking Ultra Breast. You CANNOT mix herbal products like these with BO. Even the creams and serums. Creams and serums go into the skin and directly into the blood stream so it is just as effective in theory as pills!!! So you need to make a decision. Do you want to do BO or herbs. If you decide to change to herbs, I recommend doing a full body cleanse or at least a liver cleanse first before switching, so your body is cleansed of the hormones BO was giving and can accept the ones from the herbs. It's also wise to cleanse when switching from herbs to BO.

Now, I use noogleberry, and you need to use it DAILY I recommend for at least an hour per day. I used mine daily for at least 6 to 9 months before taking breaks here and there. Also to get optimal results with NB you need to be drinking at least 2 liters of water per day, you may flavor the water with say crystal light or propel packets or any other type of water flavoring. Stay away from soft drinks. And you will see a big improvement in swelling.

Now for Ultra Breast. Have you been making sure to get 80-90g of protein per day in your diet or with supplementing with shakes or bars? Have you been making sure your temperature throughout the day, everyday, is between 98.2-98.6F? These things are CRUCIAL for BO to work. If you have not been doing these things, this could be the reasons you are not getting results.

Now as far as Andy suggesting massage, I do agree, I massage for 5 minutes before I noogle. Massage is awesome for NBE.

You said your breasts are empty and it reminded me of Sunsetz from the NB forum, you should go check out her pic page on the NB forum. She went from a saggy 34B to a firm and perky 34D. She only uses NB but she drinks alot of water and she said she eats alot of chicken foot soup.

I hope you take in what I'm telling you. We all think that we have the solution and adding more and more things to our programs will make it better, but it won't. The things you are doing right now work, I'm proof, others are proof, you just have to do them correctly. Hope this helps and good luck!
Hi Andy I'll certainly look into the hydro therapy, the increased blood flow and stimulation could only help with what I am already doing. I remember my dad having cold showers when I was a kid, I had no idea he was practicing hydrotherapy Smile. I have been massaging my breasts for years, even before looking into NBE, I'll research different techniques to improve what I'm already doing.

Thanks for your response Anastasia. I defiantly don't think I have the solution otherwise I wouldn't be here asking for advice. I should have been clearer, I did not buy the serum as I saw that the ingredients would not work with my current approach. Though I did purchase the Nipout cream for my nipples, I contacted them before my purchase and found it only contains a small amount of fennel extract. They said to utilize the fennel extract two applications a day were necessary everyday, and as I only plan to use the cream on special occasions (if it works) the small amount of fennel shouldn't be a problem as it would contain no more phytoestrogens than a slice of linseed bread or a curry. I definitely drink enough water, and I have been watching my protein intake and temperature, I've read that some people don't start to see results until after the six month mark, so I'm sticking at it!

I'm definitely goint to increase my noogling, thanks for your encouragement!
Hi again.
From what i have read. Nippout does work. You might want to look at a article I wrote on methods of repairing inverted nipples or nipple enlargement. Giving them a little stretch might help ou get what you are looking for. I know mine have become much more sensitive as a result of using vaccum, from the noogleberry breast cups and nipple cups. And tend to be up most times. I am going for size as well. Several people have added to the thread. The advent Nipplette system is talked about from someone who has used it. Other users have spoken up on what suction products has worked for them. If you are careful in the application of suction you can gain temporary swelling in the nipple that lasts longer, just like the noog. But, be careful permanent growth can happen as well. Nipout claims the same thing if used long enough. It should be fine for short term use. One reviewer I foound on the net claimed it worked as advertised, but didn't use it continually to begin making permanent changes. When you try the Nipout. Perhaps you could come over and post a review of the product.

If you decide to use suction. here is a review I did on the NB nipple cups and why I went with them for the size I am after.


Hope some of this is helpful.
As for skin thickness. All I can think of there is to start taking some suplaments for the skin. The idea being to make sure you have enough building material for healthy skin. It might thicken up a little. Don't know. Here are a couple of links where suplaments are talked about.

Hi, I have not tried this ,one because I am a guy,two because I don't need it,but I just wread a very promiseing add for your question. I was searching the web for breast and nipple enlargement for my wife and run across a site for transexual men wanting to become women. Its called transfemme and these pills are suppose to be for those men and also natural women. They have a place to click for womens facts and questions at the right top corner of the homepage. This is for growing and enlargeing the breast but also stated alot of refirming of saggy breasts before enlargement begins. Makeing them perkier and firmer. These are very expensive pills but the way they talked it was not like other pills at all,even claimed they were the first on the market and had a money back gaurntee. I wread alot of the testamonialls and they really seemed to be lagit even had emails for them. I would like to know if these work myself since my wife is going on addapecex diet pills and I am sure she will lose alot of her bust with the other wieght. If anyone starts these transfemme pills please let me know about your results. I hope this helps,thank you ,Jim
HI Jim. Transfemme is a BO product. If my memory serves. You might want to look at the Bovine Ovary therapy section here on the forum. There are several factors that can come into play when using BO. Body temp is one of them.


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