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Faerycat popping back to say hi and perhaps something new to try...
I found a local (Malaysia) product that is made from Sea Buckthorn. This product is targeted for breast enhancement. The name is called NH F'rm Plus. You can facebook it, their website is under construction but what is says about this product is this...

Made from 100% natural ingredients + sea buckthorn, marine protein & passion fruit juice concentrate, NH F'rm Plus will definitely helps you to regain your sexier appearance! within 7 days you will feel the diference and make yourself more confident

I am still waiting for my precious Omega 7 Sea Buckthorn to arrive~
Crystalelle, what an interesting find! I wonder if the "marine protein" they are referring to is Spirulina? I've read some excellent info about that on the NB forum. It's like a totally complete "superfood" that is high in protein, among other things. I've been taking it myself for over two months now, but was only taking 2 tablets a day; I guess you're supposed to take 6 tablets a day, so I've been doing that for a week now. I've also been on my own Sea Buckthorn oil capsules for about a week and a half now - 4 per day. I have been feeling lots of growing pains and sharp twinges and itchiness again lately! Don't know if it's the SBT or Spirulina; but I'm gonna continue with both!!! Big Grin
Hi guys!

Just want to ask if its ok to add SBT with WU??hehe

Im a bit interested with SBT too!hehe
Twister_mama: I am so hopeful now that you say the sea buckthorn oil is bringing tingles and growing pain for you. Though I haven't start any yet cause I am still waiting for the tortoise mail from UK to arrive (3/4 way round the globe). Is like taking forever to reach here.

I have taken spirulina before this. It is a good wholesome food and I didn't have any growth with it. Doing BO now make me put back spirulina into my routine cause I don't like the idea of taking extract vitamins and prefer wholesome vitamins as spirulina is very rich in that and minerals too.

Girl888: Of course you can put SBT and WU together. It is phyto-estrogen and another type of plant base supplement.

Thank you crystalelle..Ill tell my friend about this!Smilehehe

Maybe ill add it with WU for faster result!hehe I hope so...hheheh Ill try to add it after 2months in WU.. Im still in my 3rd week with WU and I can feel some fullness but no tingles/sensations hehe.. If I dont get some visible results after2months with WU then Ill add the SBT hehe!Smile

Ill keep on reading this thread hehe pls keep us updated with your progress girls!
Hi all,

I'm really interested to see how other people find this sea buckthorn oil....so if you get any results, or not, please post it!

I had a quick read on the internet about it, and one site said that those who are allergic to grains and hops will also find similar reactions to SBT.... For me, this may not be a good idea as I can't tolerate wheat, and some other grains. But it looks promising....!!!

I'm willing to try it out if there are some other people that have also got results. Let me know Smile

That is amazing results Faerycat...... did you document your progress with photos???
Hi there! Just wanted to ask if anyone else had tried and got any results from this oil? I added it (3 capsules daily) and I think I see some results (in fullness) but I also increased my MSM dosage about the same time. So now I wonder if I'm just imagining things or one of these two actually works.. Btw, do you know anybody on this forum who had results from adding msm? The more I read about msm the more interesting it looks! Smile
oh and I also try to spend few minutes every evening trying to use my imaginaiton - picture myself with bigger boobs and also get the feeling of warmth in the breast area (usually in bed, just before fallin alseep). I can't say that I have succeeded fully yet! Smile
Big Grin 
ey sea buckthorn girls! hola! wat is 'appenen wit da program? how is it going? hoping to hear :} beautiful healthy growth to everyone.
We need updated pics!


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