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Faerycat popping back to say hi and perhaps something new to try...
Wow! Congrats that sounds really exciting! I'm not using what you're using, but it sounds very interesting. I hope I have the same success!
WOW! that is so great! I am so happy for you!

i haven't tried it personally, i was hoping you'd have growth and would update us...which you did, so thanks!!

i recently lost my job so buying SBT caps may be put off for A while but i am definitely interested in trying it! i hope you get more growth and that it is permanent, will you be posting pictures of your progress??

keep us updated as you continue!!!
OK, that does it; I'm ordering some! I see Swanson Vitamins has some Omega-7 oil from Sea Buckthorn Oil; and since I've placed four orders from Swanson's in the past month alone, I figure why not!!! Big Grin Their pills have 450mg of Sea Buckthorn Oil in each liquid cap; and the dosage on the bottle says one cap per day, with water. You said yours were 499.75mg per capsule, and you were taking 2 capsules twice per day, correct? So if I wanted to do the Swanson's ones, I guess I'd be doing 4 of those per day too, eh? I'll do it! I'm desperate to grow!!! I'm like a 34AAA. Sad I'm currently using Bountiful Breast (for 7 weeks so far); and I ordered the Noogleberry system, which just came in today. Your extreme success with the Sea Buckthorn oil has totally motivated me!!! Big Grin If it works for me, I will DEFINITELY let you all know!!! Man, I'd do anything to be "spilling out over the top of a 32B." I cannot even picture myself so big! What a dream come true!!! Heart

Are you still using it? Are you still growing?? And if you stopped it, did you retain your growth???
Good luck twister_mama!!!!

Please keep me posted on your progress.

Yes I'm still using it (4 per day) and still growing. It appears to be the right sort of oils my body needs and it's all laying down in the right department Tongue. Because of all the good health benefits of SBT I reckon I will keep on using it. It balances hormones, gives you soft skin, shiny hair, more energy and no more period pains too.

wwwwwwwwww ooooooooooooooo
hhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooo !!!!!!
keep us posted!
OMG Faerycat!

Now I am so tempted to join the gang Sea Buckthorn group. If this really work for all of us I think Eve ought to come out with a new grouping for NBE technique called 'Essential Oil'. LOL! I think I will do a major cleanse on my next menstrual cycle and then start with the SBT.

Wow that sounds amazing! How many months have you been on the sea buckthorn and how many pills of it do you take a day? Do you take it by itself or do you have anything else in your program?
Hi Angela,

I don't have a program as I really didn't intend to start NBE again, but this happened by accident lol.

I take around 2000mg of SBT a day, that's 4 caps - 2 am and 2 pm. I started taking this in May and the results have been phenomonal.

Will add too - My stats today are
28" - ribcage
35" - around bust
34" - over top of bust

and I couldn't fill a 32A bra before I started taking SBT.

wow that is so great! where do you get your SBT capsules from? do you order them online?

do you know what your stats were just before starting STB?

i have researched STB and it seems pretty expensive?


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