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How does Magnetic Therapy work?
Hello guys, i'm new over here and i don't speak english really good - it's my fifith language - and i still didn't get what magnetic therapy is for and how does it work for breast enlargement.
I already read the topics and still didn't get it.
Thank you and blessed grow for you girls
L. xx

I am also interested in this method. i would like infomation to help me understand it better.

Thank you.
WHY have i recieved no infomation yet i am waiting.

Thank you.
Majestic, may I suggest not demanding you get help. We are all here to help each other; to be nice and supportive. No one is required to help you. As a common courtesy you could ask politely. You can go through the forum and read old posts. You can also check out the old breastnexus site links at the bottom of the page and check out the magnetic therapy section there, or the archive for this section. It looks like not many people populate this section. Maybe you can find out what it is and post your results here for all of us to read. Sorry I can't be more help, I also do not know how magnetic therapy works. Good luck.
So... did anyone ever find an answer to this? I've never heard of it and haven't seen it mentioned at all in my time on BE forums.
Magnetic therapy is useful for the joints who suffered by it. It works as the gravity rule which gives pressure on the blood and blood circulation increases. It might be able to trigger faster metabolism and reduce the pain of the joint.
Magnetic therapy works through increase of blood circulation as well as improve of blood consistency and activity.There is no evidence to support this claim or indeed rational reason to expect magnetic therapy to help pain.Some practitioners of magnetic therapy believe that, without this kind of therapy, people are subject to malaise, which is a general feeling of illness, discomfort, and unease.
I dont think it is a good way, but if you want to do this, i have no any ideas.
I am also not convinced with this method. But if anyone have good experiences with it then please share it with us because i am very new to this massage therapy and doesn't know whether it works or not.
Okay,looking forward the person who can give a good advise!


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