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Underdeveloped Breasts
Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been messaging. After waiting for about a month, I finally went to the doctor for a long awaited appointment about my breast development, or lack thereof, this morning. The news was much like I expected. The doctor said she is suspicious I may have a hormone imbalances or defiencies but she cannot be 100% sure since I have pretty regular cycles. She examined my breasts and told me on the Tanner Breast Development Scale I am T2 out of T5. So basically, I am stuck in development and my breasts never fully matured. Naturally, she ordered up a number of hormone tests including Cortisol and Thyroid and the results should be in within three to four weeks. If it turns out my hormones are not right, she will have something made especially for me to balance my hormones which I am assuming will cause my breasts to finish maturing. If the results come back fine and there is no hormone problem, the next stop is the Endocrinologist. I don’t know what the point in going to an endocrinologist is. More than likely I will find out why my breasts didn’t develop, not how I can make them develop if I can.

Obviously, I am praying and hoping for the simplest solution that I am lacking a hormone or hormones and that she will be able to help me. If nothing can be done, I am turning to breast enhancement through herbs or bovine ovary as my last chance.

Do herbs or bovine ovary help the breasts grow and develop to maturity? I thought I remembered reading that herbs can help underdeveloped breasts but I am probably wrong.

I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of a woman never fully developing and if herbal breast enhancement could still make them to grow. After constantly getting discouraging news my hopes are not high.

I am sorry that I gave such a long depressing description on my experiences but I am just hoping to gain a little knowledge in this. I have searched the internet and cannot seem to find anything.

Thanks everyone for any info.
If its a hormone problem that has caused the underdevelopment then alot of the NBE herbs and treatments are concerned with adjusting estrogen and androgen levels. I think i might have a cortisol problem (too much cortisol) and my breasts are underdeveloped too, hypoplasia (tubular breasts).
Hey there,

So I decided my breasts were underdeveloped as well. As they are not rounded out (more of a triangular pointy shape), and just didn't seem proportionate to my body, as well as at one point resembling empty sacks! I also had some other symptoms that made me speculate a hormonal imbalance from my online research. I kept waiting for them to finish but then when I hit 22 I was like "ok...they are stuck!" I think they stopped growing when I was about 13 or so...as they resemble that stage of development.

I have not been to a doctor and discussed this, which I suppose would be the smarter decision, instead I went ahead and did one of your plans and started NBE. I have had a couple of unsucessful starts where I ended up quitting b/c my routine wasn't fine-tuned to my life enough or the timing wasn't ideal.

BUT I started this March on NBE with a gooood foundation of learning beneath me, pretty basic routine with the herbs and supplements & massages and I have noticed a big change in my breasts already!! They have gotten much fuller and are starting to round out. & my man has noticed the new cleavage as well. Nothing too impressive yet, but they are growing and seem to be developing more and more! I'm on month 2 now and I am very excited to see my future results! I know the key is just sticking to it So, yes, there is potential hope for you with herbal enhancement if the doctors can't help you.

We will achieve the adults breasts we deserve! Haha...Wink Hope this gave you some hope.
Readytogrow, that is great and so encouraging to me that you are seeing such good results. If I find that I do not have a hormone imbalance I will be starting a routine on my own. I pray that I do have a hormone imbalance and with all the reading I have done on the internet, I can definitely say that I have some symptoms that I have had for years. But then I think that maybe I am just finding coincidences in hormone imbalance symptoms and I may not really have them at all.

I have pretty regular periods which is why I have a nagging doubt in my mind that I don't have a hormone imbalance and my doctor will not be able to help me. My breasts are extremely small but they are somewhat rounded in form. Like you, I am stuck in development and I feel so stupid for not realizing it sooner. For years I had myself convinced that I was just small chested like me mom. But their is a difference between having small breasts, which would be a miracle to me, and having no breasts at all. I feel better knowing that their are other women who haven't reached their full development and are achieving results through NBE.

Thanks readytogrow, I do feel better now that I have been given a positive response.Smile
i am pretty sure i have this too, definitely on my right side and only slightly on my left. I don't know how many of you plan to breastfeed, but truely underdeveloped breasts normally mean low milk supply. I had that with my son, my larger breast produced way more milk, but not enough on its own and the smaller one barely produced anything at all. I had to supplement my son with formula. I know many of us care about the appearance of our breasts but underdevelopement can also affect the function. Not to discourage anyone from breastfeeding! I was determined to give my son breastmilk, anyway that's what formula is there for. Now if i didn't have uneven breasts and if they were both developed like the larger, probably a T4 looking a the pics, then i wouldn't had needed to supplement, but oh well, just trying to even things out now..\
Em, I was the same, I was only a 32A before I got preggers, but I was also only 16, had my son at 17, so I was a teenage mom, and I think maybe I hadn't stopped growing before I got preggers. I did try to breastfeed my son, the first month I did fine, no real issues, then my breasts did not produce more milk as he grew, it stayed the same, like they didn't change with him how most people do. So at a month old they put him on formula to supplement what I couldn't provide, and I REALLY encourage every woman to at least try to breastfeed. After he was put on formula he started having gastric problems, where after he ate he would spit up all his food, and I don't mean the usual little bit of baby spit up, I mean he projected across the room, picture Linda Blaire in boy baby form LOL. I can laugh about it now, but it definitely wasn't funny at the time. He couldn't keep anything down, and it didn't start until AFTER they put him on formula and it was a so called good brand, the most doctor recommended, Enfamil I believe the one that starts with an L. Well anyway, then they put him on a specialty one, Enfamil AR (which is for babies with Acid Reflux, which was ultimately what my son had). They put him on all kinds of medicines, but nothing was working, he was losing weight at an alarming rate, they put him on something I mixed into my milk and the formula to get him more calories to help his weight. Nothing was working, I got desperate and took him to a gastric child specialist, this guy was from the middle east and barely spoke english, but saved my son's life! His english was so bad that he had to write down everything he was trying to say to me, but at least he could understand and write english, that's all that really mattered. Well he was actually the one that put him on the additive in the formula and milk for the calories. And he also told me to stop all the medication my normal pediatrician put my son on for the acid reflux, he told me to get regular Mylanta the kind adults take, and to give him a small amount, he told me the exact amount to give him and how many times a day. Instantly it helped him, for the first time he was able to keep all his formula down. So this is my thought, my breastmilk was exactly what he needed, and the formula is just not that good for babies. I felt so bad and cried myself asleep many times that I couldn't produce more milk then I could, I tried fenugreek while breastfeeding to try to increase milk production, I was pumping (milk pump not the same as a BE pump) at least once between feedings to try to stimulate milk production, but ultimately I ended up producing less and less and dried up by the time he was 3 months. I feel that my breasts did not develop fully or I would have not had this issue. I did go to a 34C while pregnant and breastfeeding, when gorged I got to a D, a painful D but a D lol. After I dried up I went to a 32B. Then after losing the little bit of left over baby weight I went to a 32A again. And since my son was a year old, I was 18, I have been doing NBE, well that's when I tried my first product. Since starting 4 years ago I have grown 4 1/4 inches, and I think I might have been a 32AA cause the 32A's were a little loose in the top of the cups, I just refused to wear a AA. Now I'm a 32C and still growing, so I've grown 4 cup sizes. And my shape has improved, but I think that is from a combination of things I have done and still do.

Before NBE when I was an A or AA my breasts had a tubular shape, they still have a very very slight tubular shape, but not near as bad, I always thought my tubular shape was caused from pumping during breastfeeding cause my breasts were nice and round before pregnancy. I'm not sure what caused it for me. Before NBE (sorry I don't have any pics from back then, was too embarrassed to take any) my breasts were much further apart, basically a little flesh under big puffy nipples. Now I still have big nipples, but with the more breast tissue it looks ALOT better. I think what helped my shape the most was massage, exercise (I use the easy curves device, have for 2 years or so now), and pumping. Pumping has changed my shape most of all, and in my pics section I show this with side view pics. I started NB a 32B as I had grown 2 inches with an herbal product called Zoft in the past, and I've grown 2 1/4 more inches with NB and still going, well NB and Ultra Breast. 2 more inches and I feel I will have a much better shape than I do even now and I will be happy. 2 more inches should put me at a DD, if it puts me at only a D I'd still be happy. I'm actually even fine if I stay the same size I am now, I just want to improve the shape a little more, as I know it's possible, I'm living proof it is.

But yea, on my original point, I definitely encourage every woman to at least try to breastfeed, it is the very best thing for your child, and it gives you and your baby a bonding that bottle feeding could never give. I'm not going to lie to anyone the first week I breastfed was hell, everytime he went to latch on and suck it hurt SOOO bad that I cried, and I have a high tolerance to pain. During the first week my nipples became chapped, cracked, and bled a lil. The doctor gave me this lanolin type cream for my nipples that has the same effect that chapstick does for your lips, and it was safe for the baby. It healed my nipples within 2 days. And eventhough my mom kept begging me to stop and just formula feed (she hated seeing me in pain) I kept on as I'm stubborn and determined to do something once I put my mind to it. Might be why I've tried so many things in NBE the past 4 years, and eventhough some didn't work, I kept on going. I don't know how to give up, not in my character.

LOL I'm going to stop rambling now, just wanted to give my 2 cents in. Not sure about this T stuff and where I fall on the scale, don't really care. I know NBE works and that's all I care about. Good luck to the rest of you ladies, I hope you find what works for you, and hope you get the boobies of your dreams!
I have underdeveloped breasts as well and they are the reason I started NBE. I agree Anastasia with the nipples, they look so much better on bigger more "developed" breasts than small underdeveloped.

I read an article the other day about a woman that had tubular breasts and she was given progesterone to help with breast feeding. She was not able to breastfeed before the supplement but she could after.

I think this gives us some hope that we might be able to breastfeed in the future. I am thinking about trying progesterone cream and see if it has an effect and I am also very interested in BO since it is a glandular therapy. I just wish there was more research about this since I don't want the "cure" of implants!
I believe I am stuck on Tanner stage IV. This website has very good information on breast development and the stages; http://www.tgguide.com/Library/breast-development.htm. I have areolas that are literally mounted on my breasts, which made me believe that I am underdeveloped. I wonder if there is a more effective way to reach full development besides NBE.
my what an interesting thread. i also highly encourage breast feeding babies. mother's milk is most always the best choice. my what an interesting thread! did i already say that? marie6565, i look forward to more of your news. this is very medically interesting! good luck to all of us eh!
When I was a teenager, it wouldn't have crossed my mind to even think to go to a doctor about it. I'm not sure back then it would have crossed anyones. We just assumed we got what we got. I'm so glad now things have changed to give women hope in this area.



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