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I have a question about something I've wanted to try...
Hello! I'm new around here and I'm looking forward to gaining one more cup size, (I'm a B cup, even though I think I don't completely fill out my bra without having some gap Sad ).

My question right now is about injections, I know many people may have ideas about injections for augmentation as bad or dangerous but anyways I'll be honest and let you know about of what I've done before.

I got my top lip injected to even it out and have a fuller look on my lips (my top lip was really thin, while my bottom one was fuller). I'm happy I did it, and I've also augmented my butt a little (not so much, I already had some "junk in the trunk"). I'm happy I did that as well (and I think I'll do it again, just a bit more).

The product injected is basically permanent and so far so good...I had a random thought when I got my butt augmented a bit, I simply thought "If only I could get this done on my breasts".

Now my question is, based on the structure of our breasts do you girls would it be wrong to do so there as well?
Well I did my research (had done it before but never found an actual answer), but this time I found that it has been used for breast reconstruction but not exactly on the breast tissues as for growth. I guess if it hasn't been done before, I'll let the idea go...

BTW when I tried deleting the post I was denied to do so, my account is activated and everything...Anything wrong?
I've never tried to delete a post so can't help ya there, but I know after a certain amount of time lapses the ability to edit a post goes away, I guess after the post is "old". So hmm that is weird though.

As far as BE with injections, yea I never heard of that either, but really you gotta be careful getting all these procedures done it can get addictive and before you know it you've had 20 plastic surgery procedures. Just be careful is all I'm saying, people have died simply from lipo alone, all that stuff is risky and dangerous. I prefer to enhance naturally but I know we must all go with what we feel is best. I wish you all the best.

If all you want to do is gain one cup size I wouldn't go under the knife for that. Have you tried any natural ways? Like supplements, massage, pumps, etc? Since I started my NBE journey I went from a 32A to a 32C and still going, on some days I can't even fit into my 32C's. And right now I can't and I'm wearing a 34C until I can order some 32D's.
I've actually heard of the breast injections I think the product is macrolane? It's like a hyaluronic acid gel that they put in your boobs, but it's not permanent. The product is naturally biodegraded. According to what I've read about it, it's not bad for your body. But it seems kind of expensive if you have to pay more to maintain your breast size. A site in English says it lasts 12 months, but a site I read for a clinic that does it here in Japan says it lasts 6 months...
Clinic that does it in Japan http://www.kyoritsu-biyo.com/shinryou/bust/cinderella/
The one using macrolane is the "subQ" so that's about $52 for 1 cc... which would be even more because the exchange rate sucks right now.
This was a quick search... I forget the name of the site that said it only lasted for 6 months...
Thanks a lot girls! Anastasia I'll take your advice as in not to go overboard and let it become an obsession. I'm trying the massage and herb pills, taking more than 3 daily now since I know most pills don't have the necessary amount of herbs needed to cause a change with only one pill.

Superboob I read about Macrolane recently too, but the product I've used is permanent, It's similar to Macrolane and it is "approved" (couldn't find another word hehe) by our body, I've done my lips and a little on my butt, but not so much for augmentation since I already had a nice "big" butt.

After reading somewhere about Macrolane I thought about having it done with what I've used since it's similar. But since there is a difference between the glutes and the breast tissues I backed away because I haven't tried it there. I'll see if I ever decide to try it, but for now I'm still researching...

Thanks a lot!
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(27-04-2010, 11:36 AM)Eeliza Wrote: It really depends on you weather u wanna go for it or not..but it really works.. Dr jennifer levine, Dr Yan Trokel are some of the best doctors you can try

just Google dr jennifer levine you will get so many reviews or elese http://www.drjenniferlevine.com

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I hope it will be benifical for you

this looks like an advertisement again... in fact, its the same people on another post that you wrote.

there is research I heard of about some special spot of the stomach that they can extract what makes the fat (glands?) and put it in each breast, supposedly overseas somewhere (I live in the US) they think if they get it right it will help with breast growth+belly flatting...I hope something like that becomes mainstream because it's an injection not sugary Big Grin but the breast supposidly can use those new glands to make some more fat there.
although i wanna try supplements for awhile and see if i can get somewhere because that technology is years away.
Sorry I don't know more than that right now :/
Eeliza thanks for helping me out..i was teribble looking for a surgeon in NY..? which one do u recommend me to fgo for as per ur analyzation

Lilyth if some1 is helping others then whats the advertisement in it.. see via breastnexus forum, we are getting what we want..so i will not call it as advertisments and all
To be honest i don't remember exactly what I was talking about. I had seen some adds for what was posted and i got wind of something bad about it but i can't remember what that was...idk :/
i like how i say something MIGHT be adds and i get fussed at like i burned a bible and stabbed a baby. -_- i was just wondering if anyone elts heard of it i'm not trying to accuse anyone of anything or say someone can't do something. I'm 19 and fairly new to the forum, can't be helped really
I dont think that is a good idea!


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