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Help me go from an AA to a B cup!!!

Age: 29
Weight: 55kg/ 121lbs (fluctuates from 54Kg to 57Kg)
Height: 5"7 / 170cm
Under Bust: 28"
Bust: 30.5"
Over Bust: 30"
6" over left breast from one side to the middle rib cage
5.5" over right breast from one side to the middle rib cage
4" from bottom of breast to top of breast
Bra size: 32AA


I have always been very thin and eat and eat and never put on any weight.

I have had a problem with an ovarian cyst which was diagnosed a few months ago. It was very painful. Leading up to this event I put on 4kgs particularly around my middle area (however also had larger breasts and almost made use of a push-up bra because there was something small there to push-up!). I was eating ALOT of sugary foods. I have subsequently lost all this weight.

I am resolving the ovarian cyst issue through diet - I have cut out refined sugars, no alcohol, I eat organic vegetables and fruit, no red meat only chicken and fish, gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free. My periods have now returned to normal timing and I do not experience very bad pain with them. In fact my last period has been the least painful even before I got an ovarian cyst! I am also exercising regularly, at least once every day for 30 minutes. I believe that the combination of diet and exercise has helped my ovarian cyst problem.

Since the first and only ovarian cyst which caused me problems, I have experienced slight hirsutism, finding more hair than usual over my body including legs, arms, breasts, chest, and even eyes! I have started drinking spearmint tea (twice daily) for this.

I am going to the doctor tomorrow to talk about the hirsutism and I want them to check my hormone levels. From my own research, I feel that I must have a problem with my hormones.

I will also go to see a naturopath to take a more holistic approach to my issues.

Other than that, my general health has been good.

Grow Breasts Grow:

I want to have bigger breasts. I find it embarrassing to have such small breasts. I wear padded bras always to give me some shape. I bought some "chicken fillets", little 100gram silicone inserts to also put into the bra. At my largest weight this almost started to look a bit like cleavage..... almost!

When I am with a guy, I am embarrassed as men's hands are quite large, and when they go to "cup" my breast, and there is nothing there for them to cup, they then turn their attention to other things. Which is fine, but it makes me feel so unsexy!!!.

I would love more than anything to get up to a B size, even a very small B size would be brilliant. I am a small build, and I am happy to have smallish sized breasts, but just bigger than what I have now! I don't even know if I would call what I have now breasts! It is more like a layer of very thin fat covering my rib cage which I can feel through it!

My Program:

I toyed with the idea of taking Pueraria Mirifica but decided that I will start with the more "well-known" herbs. I don't have a complete idea of what I want to use yet, however I will take it slowly to ease my body into receiving the new substances. Any advice appreciated.

I have bought Fenugreek seeds. I have thought about taking Saw Palmetto however am still doing some research on this one as I understand it can make you have an upset stomach.

Yesterday I cooked stir-fry vegetables and put the fenugreek seeds in it. It was absolutely disgusting and the next morning I had diarrhea. I won't be doing that one again!

Today I put 1 tablespoon of Fenugreek seeds in boiling water and covered it for 15 minutes, then drank the Tea.

I plan on taking two cups of tea like this per day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

I will also look into massaging with fenugreek too.

That is all for now folks. Any questions feel free to ask. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Hey and welcome!!

I am no expert, but since you told about your ovarian cyst I think you should be careful with messing too much with your hormones. Maybe you'd better wait until you get the results from your test, so you know better what imbalances you need to correct.
Since your periods are so much better now, I wouldn't risk messing it up again with estrogen based herbs.

Btw, compliments on your diet!! How long have you been doing that?
thanks Esther. I will see what the doctor says today.

I have been on the "diet" since the 2nd week of February. I usually have a pretty sensitive stomach and get alot of gas and bloating, but since this diet, my stomach has been absolutely brilliant. And I don't crave sugary foods at all. I also haven't experienced any muscle cramps, I used to get alot in my toes and leg. I have alot more energy than I used to.

I also make sure that I eat smaller portions than I usually would and chew each mouthful properly. I give myself about 10-15 minutes after eating just to sit down and not get up and move around too much.


Had diarhhea in the morning which I am guessing is due to the fenugreek tea from yesterday.

I have purchased some fenugreek powder which should arrive in a couple of days. I plan to mix this with a natural moisturiser product (i.e. no sulphates, parabens etc), and use it for massage. I'm not sure how much to powder to use however.
Here is a side photo shot.

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Ok, sorry about that. I had posted a post, but then realized half the links didn't work. I am just now finding time to rereate it.
Ok, What I am going to do, Is to list you some links to info that you may or may not have come across yet.

I am listing you several links to threads dealing with fenugreek ,internal and external, with massage. Tiger Lily and others have reported growth with just massage and eating certain foods in her diet. Mostly chicken foot soup. We also have a section here on the forum for foods to eat while on NBE. You might want to up your protien during NBE.
The old archive site.

Link to TigerLily's page. Has her massage and diet program. Traditional method.

Cocolilys explanation of tigerlilys massage method

A few links on fenugreek with massage.

A couple of links I pass on to everybody.
This page is by fennel fairy on skin structure and penetration for NBE. A recipe for massage batter. Here is the link.

This is a very useful page by Wahaika. It is full of on taking herbs, program days to take them, massage batter (fenugreek is used), and a theory on why NBE works.


I am diabetic so I also take cinnamon 500mg (2 with each meal). B-complex sublingual, Gelatin 10 grain (2 with each meal). EPO. MSN. Was taking GABA but ran out. WIll be addng it back soon. Since I am male I also take Saw Palmetto to bring down my test levels. Started taking SP before NBE for prostate health. I use a commercial lotion Lubriderm, with fennel, fenugreek, lavender essential oil lotion, and Eucalyptus essential oil for penetration of the skin. (See above links from fennel fairy and wahaika) Don't kniow how effective it is though. When I do my online order, I am going to get some fenugreek seed and do the batter mix listed on wahaikas page. Don't forget to add heat after your massage. It aids in the aromatization of the chemicals in your tissues.

Hope you find some of this info useful.

Best wishes and good journey
thank you very much Andy for all the links, very interesting!


Over-boiled the fenugreek tea and the smoke detector went off!

Went to the doctor. I am getting a blood test tomorrow for Hormones including FSH, LH, Testosterone and Thyroid TSH. I will stop taking Fenugreek until the outcome of that test.

Doctor commended me on my diet and exercise regime, and said that would definitely be helping with my ovarian cyst issues.
They are testing FSH and LH? are they worried you arent ovulating or that the cyst is messing with fertility?
Hey girl! I wish you the best with your program Big Grin I am just about the same as you height and weight wise and I also started out with barely anything. Luckily I have had amazing results with just fenugreek extract liquid and massage. I have my program posted. I also have had ovarian cysts just like you so I know the pain you are going through. Good Luck and I really hope you get the B cup you want Smile
Hi Girlfriday,

I want to try a similar 'diet', I always have gas and bloating:s. Did you follow a special regime, like a book or method, or did you just do it yourself? Anyway, thumbs upSmile

Good luck with your test tomorrow!
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