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nbecurious program
This will be my second time around.

I had tried Wonderup in the Spring of 2008. I didn't use the cream, and I took all six pills at night before bed. I massaged every night. I would wake up in the morning with swollen breasts, but it would all go away by the afternoon. I did get some small growth which pretty much went away after a few months of not taking WU. I did maintenance but probably not how I was supposed to and not long enough. Major factor as to why I didn't get results I was and may still be hormonally challenged

In 2009 i worked on getting my body balanced. I find out I had candida which probably caused most of my break outs. I treated it with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and have had major improvement both physically and mentally. I want to continue drinking ACV even though I know it can cause weight loss. However it is also good for blood circulation, so gonna keep it around.

So moving along:

Age: 27
Weight: Between 125-130 changes weekly
Height: 5'7
I am usually very athletic but had an injury so I have been out of service for a few months.

boobie stats:
above bust 30
bust: 32.75
under: 28

I wear a 34B in VS push up but I am only kidding myself cause I have about an inch gap in it when i bend forward. At http://www.85b.org/bra_calc.php it says I'm a 32C but I think its a lie. So guess I don't know my size and am kinda scared to find out.


Progesterone cream 10 days before first day of the month (still trying to find out my dosage.)
Fenugreek 1800mg 1 pill 3x day
Fennel 1800 mg.
ACV in morning on empty stomach and sometimes at night.


I am super interested in the trying BO but have a bottle of FG and fennel so gonna see if I can be one of those that gets results in a few weeks. I have been using Progesterone cream for about 3 months already. Still trying to figured out what is best day for me to start on.

Well here I go!
Good luck in finding what works for you :-)
Hi, good luck Smile
Have you had any progress?
K, so changed my program up. I followed the last program for only 2 wks. Not sure it is was the dosage progesterone cream being too high but once I mixed it with the herbs, I about lost control of my hormones once again. Yea, I had pretty bad side effects Blush

Stopped the herbs all together along with the progesterone cream that I had already been cutting back on usage. I probably will most likely buy a less potent progesterone cream for when I feel I need it. But the last brand I tried was like 2500MG. I gave it to my menopausal mother in law who is on the verge of having osteoporosis.

BACK ON TRACK........................................

my UltraBreast arrived today! The label looks like it was printed from a computer, but not gonna judge it. gonna start tomorrow. My plan is to slowly work up to 3 pills. I also purchased the little pink massager pulser thingys and lamb placenta that I have been taking for about 2 weeks. I think I love it, the once I purchased doesn't have a stingy smell or taste but I am most definitely seeing a change in my skin.

I think my body temp and circulation is pretty stable, so I'm really hopin to get something good.

Guess to give a list of what I am taking: Not all is for boobs

Throughout the week:
I take shots of coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and chlorophyll

1 UB pill (1st week,) 2 (2nd wk.) 3 (3rd wk)
Lamb placenta 2 @ nite

Gonna try to eat a very low omega 6 diet and eat lots of good fat

Will post soon with a little update!
Hello nbecurious,
Hope the BO (UB) works out for you. Good luck on your boob journey.
Its been about a month since starting UB. Not sure if its that my period should be coming but for about a week now I have been filling fuller. I'm getting little tingles and itching too.

Gonna wait till after period and then I will let you all know if its anything to get excited about.

I am drinking protein daily but only about 30 grams, 80 just seems to much with all the meat i eat.

The lamb placenta is awesome and my skin is super soft.
Hi! After 5 years! This is me nbecurious.

Been looking for my journey and here she lays! Forgot all login info. What happened to the pictures?

33 yrs old now! And wanted to give an update! Out of nowhere I'm seeing growth!!! After using the BO when I was 27, I stopped nbe . Btw got some growth, just didn't last and was minimal.

Now- Almost 2 months ago to be exact I started taking folic acid. About 2 weeks after I started noticing a change. Thought I was pregnant from the tenderness. Took 3 test within this time and all neg. I've gained a full inch since starting. My intention of taking folic acid was not for nbe, but seems it's having an affect.

Has anyone had experience with folic acid and nbe? The pills I have are 800mg.

Where did the pics go? I want to post an update to compare!!


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