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Herbs effects on libido
Sorry this ain't got nothing to do with breast enlargement. What herbs from the NBE lower your libido and what herbs increase it?
One way to increase libido is to raise free testosterone in some way. One of these ways is to lower SHBG. Wild Oats extract is one. Fenugreek (by raising insulin which lowers SHBG) is another. Aromatase inhibitors will raise free testosterone. One of these is zinc at about 80mg per day and above.

Others are to get more oxygen; Gingko Biloba extract (a blood vessel dilator), and anything that raises Nitric oxide levels, such as pomogranate, and to be well rested.

Another route is to address energy levels by making sure that the thyroid is not running slow. These will be iodine (kelp is one source), tyrosine (take L-Tyrosine as a supplement and make sure to get plenty of protein), and B12 (take as an entire B complex rather than just B12).

Lowering libido is the opposite. Raise SHBG, increase aromatase/estrogen, wear down your adrenals and thyroid. Bad sleep habits.
Hey Maya

From my personal experience I have found that maca and saw palmetto raised my libido. Especially maca. I had to stop using it for that reason.
You don't need herbs. vanilla extract is the oldest and best aphrodisiac out there. just apply a few drops to your neck, cleavage, behind ears, etc... and you won't be disappointed
Wow! Vanilla extract?! I never heard of that 1 before. Hmmmm...:idea:
It all seems to boost my libido.but my hgh spray makes me want to have sex right away.i actually feel like calling my hubby to come home.so that would help a lot .


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